Real Wedding

Alyssa + Brent Wedding | September 15th

The Proposal

The Bride // Brent proposed in New Orleans! I had no idea - we had planned the trip for a while and invited my parents to come. You would think that would give me a hint, but it never crossed my mind and went totally over my head. ( not surprising! )

We explored the French Quarter by walking to local shops, restaurants and of course The Square. While we were in the Square we came across a street performer magic show. The magician was great and he ended up involving Brent in his act. He tells Brent to pull out a $100 bill, so he could turn that into $200. I was so excited, like wow, okay.. we get $100 out of this, haha! He takes the money, walks back to his bag of props and grabs a stack of pictures with fruit on them. He then comes back over to us and tells Brent that he's going to fan out the cards and for Brent to stick his hand on whichever one Brent wants him to stop on. Brent does just that and the picture happens to be an orange. The magician then somehow drops a real orange from the picture, cuts it open with his pocket knife and pulls out my engagement ring. WHAT! It was all so surreal and I just stood there in shock while Brent got down on his knee. I looked at the ring and still couldn't believe it and just started crying. It goes without saying I said YES and to top it off, he hired a photographer to capture the entire thing! It was the BEST and we still had a few days in New Orleans to celebrate!

Their Wedding

The Bride // The first thing I remember is waking up at about 6:30 am in the hotel suite with one of my best friends (Brittany Pfeil) blaring music from her speaker. Pretty soon, my mom, my sisters, and all my friends filled the room and it all started hitting me. TODAY WAS ITTTTTT! From there it was a whirlwind of champagne, hairspray and makeup, the first look with my dad and tears from my mom. Before I knew it, I was walking with my dad down the aisle looking at Brent. I have seen many faces of him, but this was one I have never seen and one I will never forget. I don't think I looked away from him once. Plus, he kept me calm and I could have sworn we were the only two in that entire space.

We had live music and a cocktail hour for the ceremony (because, why not?) and a second cocktail hour before the reception, lots of pictures in between and a pit stop at Frickers. Our favorite table at the reception was our "Generations of Love" table - filled with pictures of our parents, grandparents and siblings weddings. Our love filled reception was full of dancing, great food and drinks, and donuts for dessert! I didn't want out first dance to end. We also had The Cameo Pizza Truck as our late night snack for our guests.

The whole day was about us and our families coming together, so that's what meant the most. All the bells and whistles are great, but it's about the two of you and who is around you sharing each moment. It was really just the start of this new and awesome, beautiful life together. Planning and getting everything ready is stressful, but Brent was that constant reminder for me that we already had everything we needed right in front us.

Our photographers were Loren & Mary Beth from Adore Photography and our videographer was Zach Yonek from Zach Yonek Productions. They captured it all - it was exactly what we wanted and asked for. I wanted it to make anyone feel like they were there just by the pictures. Every time we look at our album and watch the video, we re-live the whole day and who wouldn't want that? Our coordinator for the day of was April Gladieux from Your Perfect Day.

My sister-in-law, Kelli Link, did my hair and my make up was done by Jeanne Hooven. I wish she could my make up every day ( thank goodness it was waterproof! )

We've had some people ask if there was anything we would have changed or done differently and we immediately respond with "no." We got to marry each other surrounded and witnessed by our families and friends - what would we change? Now we're expecting (YAY!) and ready for our family of 6!

Wedding Professionals

Ceremony Venue // Renaissance Toledo Downtown Hotel

Wedding Planner + Coordination // Your Perfect Day

Officiant // David Gierke

Photographer // Adore Wedding Photography

Videographer // Zach Yonek Productions

Jeweler // C Sterling Jewelers

Florals + Decor // Bartz Viviano

DJ | Band // Manny Burns

Bridal Attire // The Gown Shop

Menswear //

Invitations + Stationery // Minted

Cake + Desserts // Don’s Donuts

Hair // Kelli Link

Make-Up // Jeanne Hooven

Rentals // Great Lakes Rental

Late Bites + Food Truck // Cameo Pizza Truck

Hotel Accommodations // Renaissance Toledo Downtown Hotel

Rehearsal Dinner // The Blarney Event Center