Wedding Details NOT to DIY

Wedding Details NOT to DIY // Toledo Wedding Guide

words by | Eve Green

Many brides who enjoy the art of crafting, in order to save money and customize their special day, opt to take care of wedding tasks and projects themselves. When you’re able to do these projects months in advance of the wedding, it can be a great way to put your own special touch on your wedding. However, there are some things no bride should DIY. The following are wedding details best left to the professionals.

The Wedding Cake

You might consider yourself a great baker, but nothing compares to the cake decorating abilities of a professional wedding cake designer. Cakes also have to be handled extremely carefully in the days leading up the wedding. They must be stored at just the right temperature, and transported with great care. Your wedding day will already be hectic enough; don’t tack on another big stressor like transporting and caring for your precious wedding cake.

Your Hair

Unless you yourself are a professional hair stylist, we don’t recommend doing your own hair for your wedding. You may be perfectly capable of creating a beautiful hairdo, but allowing a professional to do the job will result in an elevated look that separates your everyday self from your beautiful bridal look. In addition, you will enjoy having an hour to relax and sip champagne while you’re pampered and prepped for the big day. 

Wedding Details NOT to DIY // Toledo Wedding Guide

The Flowers

Wedding flowers are far more complicated than they seem. You may have spotted a pretty and simple looking wedding floral arrangement on Pinterest that you think you could tackle yourself. However, flowers for your wedding are more than just centerpieces. They include everything from the bride's bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, and flowers for the flower girl, in addition to boutonnieres, flowers for parents and grandparents, and floral pieces for the ceremony. And don’t forget table centerpieces and décor at the reception venue. You could end up spending a fortune in florals if you venture down the DIY route and they likely won’t measure up to the beauty a professional florist is able to achieve, not to mention the added stress.

The Day-of Coordination

Certain can-do brides are able to successfully navigate wedding planning without the assistance and expertise of a wedding planner. However, day-of coordination is an entirely different matter. Unlike a full service wedding planner, a day-of wedding coordinator will execute the carefully planned details that the bride and groom have constructed over the course of their engagement. Don’t rely on friends, family, or yourself to confirm final vendor details, and essentially manage the entire wedding day. Allow your guests to enjoy the festivities and hire a day-of coordinator to make sure everything and everyone is in the right place at the right time. Although you only have one wedding day, a coordinator handles them all the time and has the professional experience to help you get smoothly through your special day with your sanity intact.

Wedding Details NOT to DIY // Toledo Wedding Guide

The Photography

While it isn’t hard to come across a friend or family member with a nice camera and an aptitude for taking great photos, that doesn’t mean you should forgo a professional wedding photographer. Wedding photographers are experienced and will be able to skillfully get into position for the best shots. They know which candid’s to take, which poses will be the most flattering for the bride and groom, and will also ensure that all the newlywed’s desired shots (such as sunset photos) are taken. Wedding photos are a true investment you will treasure for years; you don’t want to regret opting for the cheaper and less professional option.

Your wedding will one of the most special days in your life, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank in order to make it beautiful and memorable. Invest a larger portion of your budget toward vendors that will really make your day special. If you’re trying to save some money consider going the DIY route for projects you can finish far in advance of the wedding and save the last minute details for a professional.