Spring Engagement Photos - Outfitting for the Occasion

Spring Engagement Photos - Outfitting for the Occasion // Toledo Wedding Guide

words by | Eve Green

There is no secret when it comes to a beautiful outcome for your engagement photos. Just keep in mind the three most important aspects: finding the right photographer, good lighting, and the perfect outfits. Spring is a wonderful time of year to schedule your engagement photo shoot. In spring nature is your best backdrop with bright green grass, blue sky, and flowers in bloom. Check out our tips for deciding what to wear for your spring engagement photos.

Pastels and Prints

The cheerful color palettes of spring and prints like gingham, plaid, and florals are perfect for engagement photo outfits. The key to balancing these solids and patterns is to complement each other, but don’t try to match. To achieve outfits that effortlessly complement each other, try a solid pastel dress that picks up a color from your fiance's plaid shirt or tie. You can’t go wrong with a navy blue suit for him, and a floral or pastel dress for her.

Spring Engagement Photos - Outfitting for the Occasion // Toledo Wedding Guide

Bring Options

Choosing just one outfit for all your engagement photos can be tough! If you want to have a variety of pictures that range from casual to transitional or formal, bring two or three outfit options. Be sure to coordinate with your photographer in advance so they are able to schedule the time required for any necessary outfit and scenery changes.

Accessorize and Layer

Spring is the ultimate season for wedding trends! From florals and flower crowns to greenery galore, spring has everything to offer in terms of natural accessories. You can also step up your look with a pop of bright shiny jewelry. And don’t forget to layer! Layering isn’t just for fall and winter, it adds dimension to your photos. Try incorporating a lightweight cashmere sweater or jacket to your outfit for added visual interest. Have him step out in a pair of fun and festive socks for an unexpected and playful pop of color and pattern.

Spring Engagement Photos - Outfitting for the Occasion // Toledo Wedding Guide

Play off the Location

Spring is a fun time for engagement photos because your location options are endless! Have your photos taken strolling through a flea market, or a field full of wildflowers. Stage a picnic in the park, go for a bike ride, or wear your best sundress and get cozy in a quaint rowboat a la “The Notebook.” Let your location help dictate your outfits. You and your fiance definitely want to look like you’re going to the same place so be sure to dress on a similar scale.

Spring Engagement Photos - Outfitting for the Occasion // Toledo Wedding Guide

Keep an Eye on the Sky

It’s always important to keep an eye on the weather when you are going to have outdoor photos taken. Weather, especially in early spring, can be unpredictable, ranging from dreary and wintry to warm and sunny. Plan ahead so you are prepared if some unexpected spring showers rain down on your photoshoot.

Finally, your top priority should be to ensure that you and your fiance are comfortable in your clothing and with your location. Comfort truly is key because if you aren’t relaxed it will show in your photos. While it does take a certain level of planning to find the right outfits and scenery, as long as you and your partner feel at ease with each other and the photographer, there is no doubt your love and happiness will shine through.