How to Set the Perfect Wedding Date


words by | Eve Green

Setting the perfect wedding date takes a lot of thought and coordination. It’s not just you and your partner’s schedules that you need to worry about. If you want everyone you love in attendance you also have to consider the schedules of your immediate families, bridal party, and closest friends. Add in the fact that many venues are booked a year in advance and this is one wedding task that may start to feel insurmountable.

Determine Length of Engagement

Couples who opt for a shorter engagement period will no doubt have less options when it comes to choosing the wedding date. However, if you have a specific day or time of year in mind, you’re in luck because in recently the average engagement has lengthened to 1.5 years. Choosing to have a slightly longer engagement may open up a world of options and availability for setting your wedding date.

Consider the Season

First and foremost, decide if there is a season or time of year that you and your partner prefer to wed. Some bride’s dream of a spring of summer wedding, while others prefer the crisp weather and rich autumn color palette that a fall wedding offers. And what is more beautiful than a snowy white winter wedding? If you have no seasonal preferences, perhaps let your preferred venue’s availability dictate your wedding date. This also goes for other vendors. If you just “have to have” a certain photographer, band, and so on, make sure they are available before making your date official.

Dates to Avoid

There are, of course, wedding dates all couples should avoid for the sake of their guests (and their own). Holidays can be tricky when setting the date. Major religious and federal holidays are obvious no-nos. However, holidays that fall on long weekends like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day can offer ease to those guests who enjoy having the extra day of vacation to travel to and from the wedding. It is important to note that some holiday weekends often carry steep price tags. If you’re extremely budget conscious you may want to inquire about pricing for a Sunday or weekday wedding.

The “perfect” wedding day is a bit arbitrary as each couple will have their own special set of dates or times of the year that are symbolic to them. According to The Knot, June 18 was “the most popular wedding date of 2016,” with October wedding dates coming in as a close second. We look forward to learning what wedding dates will be claimed as most popular in 2017.