Summer Engagement Photos - Outfitting for the Occasion


words by | Eve Green

Summer is the perfect time for engagement photos. The weather is warm, the sun is usually shining, and there are endless outdoor locations to use as your backdrop. Check out our tips for deciding what to wear for your summer engagement photos.

Lace it Up

White lace doesn’t work during every season (except for your wedding gown, of course) but summer is the perfect time to channel your wedding day look with your engagement photo outfit. A white lace dress with strappy nude heels coordinates beautifully with slacks and a patterned or pale blue shirt for him. Tie is optional. If lace isn’t your thing forgo the texture and opt for a simple white, pale pink or blue dress. This timeless look is very bridal and will be just as in-fashion 50 years from now when strolling down memory lane. If you do choose to wear white, the key to the perfect look is to bring in texture and pattern with jewelry and your fiance's outfit. There is no doubt you will enjoy the cooling effects of white in the warm summer sun!


Hit the Beach

Nothing says easy breezy love like having the ocean as your backdrop. Keep it casual and take off your shoes for a stroll through the sands as your photographer snaps away. Beach photos can be kept ultra-casual with denim and chino shorts or taken up a level with a sundress for her and slacks for him. The key is to adapt your attire to your surroundings. If your fiance opts for the more structured slacks and button down, lighten the look by rolling the sleeves and maybe even cuff the pants for that memorable walk on the beach. We also love sunset beach photos. Simple white jeans and a lightweight sweater for her and shorts with a sweater for him will look effortlessly chic on the beach. For a sweet shot, wrap yourselves up in a beautiful throw while watching the sunset together.  


Test Your Tan

What you wear in your engagement photos goes beyond clothing, it also extends to your jewelry, makeup, and even your skin! Some brides embrace their natural skin tone (pale is in fact in again!) while others prefer to have a warm glow for their engagement photos. If you are thinking about getting a spray tan before your engagement photos make sure to do a test run at least one month before your engagement photos so you can ensure it’s the right look for you. Be sure to ask the spray tanner to go light on the tan so you look natural and most importantly - like yourself.

Prepare for the Heat

If your engagement photo session is scheduled for the good ol’ summertime, you will be less likely to experience those notorious April showers. However, summer does come with one major caveat: the heat! Once you start getting into June and July, not to mention August, the thermometer skyrockets and temperatures can play a big role in the success of your engagement shoot. Wear breathable clothing and have makeup on hand for touch ups, and plenty of napkins to gently blot away sweat or shine. Try to schedule your photo shoot for mid-morning or late afternoon on into the evening if you want to avoid the hottest times of the day. Besides, you will probably love having photos with your fiance that capture those magical summer sunsets!  


Don’t Rain on my Parade!

If the day of your scheduled shoot dawns cloudy, don’t despair. Photographers actually prefer an overcast day for outdoor photos, as they don’t have to adjust for harsh lighting and strong shadows. If it rains, get out a great big umbrella and you may end up with some of the sweetest engagement photos ever!

Summer just may be the most popular time of the year to have engagement photos taken. Between the endless outdoor location options and beautiful backdrops, we understand why so many couples choose to have their photos taken under the summer sun!