Putting Together Your Bridal Beauty Look


words by | Eve Green

Putting your bridal beauty look together takes a great deal of of thought and planning. Even brides who are competent at tackling their daily cosmetics routine may be a little intimidated by the thought of doing their own wedding day makeup. The first step to take when Putting Together Your Bridal Beauty Look is to determine whether you want to DIY or hire a professional makeup artist.

DIY Bridal Makeup

For the bride who plans to do her own wedding day makeup, our top tip for success is to choose a makeup style, and then practice, practice, practice! Popular wedding makeup styles include classic, minimalist, retro, or glam. Once you determine which beauty “look” you are going for, it’s time to go supply shopping! Bring an inspiration photo with you and checkout Sephora, Ulta, M.A.C., or your favorite makeup counter. Their professionals will help you choose the best products to help achieve your desired look. Remember to ask for samples! Your skin tone can completely transform the appearance of foundation, lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, you name it! Many stores will provide a complementary makeover with your chosen wedding day products to help teach you application tips so you look your beautiful best. Take photos of your practice run and try it yourself until you are happy with the results.

Hiring a Makeup Artist

Many brides don’t want the pressure of doing their own wedding day makeup. Every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day and who doesn’t want to be pampered with a professional makeup application? Professionals will create the best version of yourself on your wedding day, and all you have to do is sit back and sip champagne while they perform their magic! In addition, you don’t have to spend upwards of a hundred dollars (or more!) stocking up on makeup when hiring a makeup artist. They will provide everything they need, false lashes, touch up lip gloss, and all.

When hiring a makeup artist, it’s essential to start by having a consultation before your wedding. We spoke with local makeup artist, Jenelle Ahmad MUA, who gave us the best tips for your makeup consultation. Jenelle tells us her number one tip for a successful consultation is to bring photos and pictures of your makeup inspiration. Jenelle says, “This gives a great starting point. From there, the artist should be able to tell you what is realistic and offer suggestions. It's important to point out to the artist what you see, and what you love about each picture, so that you are on the same page.”

It’s essential for the bride to make her vision clear so the makeup artist is able to meet the bride’s expectations. Jenelle pointed out a perfect example of a common makeup misunderstanding, “Some people ask for a "smokey-eye" thinking it is blacks and grays, when really it's just a technique that can be used with any color palette! So the main point of a consultation is to make sure you and your makeup artist have the same look and idea in mind. Don't be afraid to speak up!” Also, if you’re struggling to come up with inspiration, ask to see the makeup artist’s past work for ideas. Show her your wedding dress and explain your personal style, and she will be able to help come up with your perfect wedding day makeup look.

Once your consultation is complete and you love your beauty look, it’s time to think about the bridesmaids. Many brides who have a makeup artist for their wedding offer the same service to her bridesmaids. If you want your bridesmaids’ makeup to complement the bride, Jenelle offered us this great advice for coordinating the bridesmaids’ beauty looks. Jenelle says, “When it comes to makeup for bridesmaids I think the two most important things to take into consideration are the wedding colors and the bride's makeup look. You don't want to ever outshine the bride!” Jenelle stated the importance of taking the color of the bridesmaids dresses and their florals into consideration to ensure it all works together and is visually pleasing. Jenelle suggests, “If the dress is blush color, and the bouquet is a romantic mix of dark reds and greens, I would suggest a bright eye with blush undertones and a dark wine shade for the lips. For more drama, maybe add a wine shade to the eyes for a smokey effect. The bride should be the star of the show though, so don't go too dramatic if the bride is going for a softer look.”

Once you have consulted with your makeup artist and you have a plan for the bridesmaids’ makeup, there are just a few remaining things to keep in mind as your wedding approaches. To ensure your makeup looks flawless be sure you are drinking plenty of water and limiting junk foods that might cause breakouts or dull your complexion. Also, never get a facial the day before your wedding, especially if you have never had one before, as your skin may have a poor reaction. If you do want a facial, play it safe and schedule your appointment at least 7 days in advance of the wedding. And don’t make any major changes to your beauty routine right before your wedding! Finally, just remember to stay as relaxed as possible as your big day approaches. If you are happy and enjoying yourself, your skin is sure to glow no matter what!