How to Put Together the Perfect Welcome Basket


words by | Eve Green
photo by | Erica Kay Photography
bag design by | Yennygrams Calligraphy 

Every couple wants their guests to feel truly welcome when they arrive for your wedding festivities. One of our favorite ways to say “We’re Glad You’re Here!” is with a welcome basket placed in each guest's hotel room before their arrival. With a lovely gift awaiting them, your guests will be pleasantly surprised to find the weekend festivities already underway. Consider some of our favorite ways to greet your guests with goodies and give them an enticing little hint of what’s to come during your wedding celebration.

Basket or Bag

First you need something to hold all the welcome items. A bountiful basket or brimming tote bag are great options because both are practical and easy to transport when your guests are ready to depart. Going the casual rustic route? Try something simple (not to mention economical) and brown bag it! Just remember to dress up your bag with a cute label, stamp, natural jute twine, or bow.

Food + Drink

There’s nothing like hours of travel in a vehicle or plane to make guests yearn for some refreshing food and drink! Encourage your guests to relax once they arrive at their destination with water, snacks, or even a mini bottle of champagne or sparkling fruit beverage! Trust us, they will enjoy getting the party started while they unpack! How about the makings for a fresh cup of coffee with grounds from a local market or shop? Do you and your fiancé have a shared favorite treat? Spread the love and personalize the treats by including your favorite snack in each basket.

Local Information

There will no doubt be down time for some of your guests throughout their stay; and out-of-towners love explore and check out the local scenery! Provide your guests with maps, brochures, and info on the local hot spots! Toss in some coupons for the best coffee shops or cafes. Let your loved ones know where to find the best local food, drinks, parks, museums, and family activities, and they will be sure to enjoy getting to know the area.


Weekend Schedule

It is best to not assume that each guest has remembered to bring their invitation with all the important details like where to be and when. It costs only pennies to slip inserts in the welcome baskets with a reminder of the time and location of the ceremony, reception, and any other important events like an after-reception party, or farewell brunch. Maps of event locations and how to get there from the hotel can also be extremely helpful. (Not everyone employs Google Maps and GPS) This might also prevent any frantic last minute texts and calls to the couple from guests who are lost!

Something That Says “Thanks”

Most importantly, use the welcome baskets as yet another way to thank your guests for making the trip (long or short) to celebrate your nuptials. For guests, attending a wedding takes some effort, often means time off work - and let’s be honest - $$$. From buying a nice outfit, to purchasing a gift, booking a hotel, and finally making the trip, your guests deserve a token of your appreciation! It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Something simple is all you need. You can even incorporate a sweet snack with a welcoming rhyme like, “It was sweet of you to come all this way to help us celebrate our special day!”

There is no better way to welcome your guests than with a gift of thanks! Fun to create and share, a fun welcome gift is also another great way to carry on your wedding theme and colors, in addition to giving your guests a little sneak peek of the festivities that await them!