Tips for Writing Vendor Reviews

Tips for Writing Wedding Vendor Reviews - Toledo Wedding Guide

words by | Eve Green

Reviews are essential for wedding vendors and professionals. A thoughtful recommendation is one of best ways to say “thank you” to those who strived to make your wedding so special. Not to mention the future brides you are helping by providing your experience and insight. When it actually comes time to sit down and express your thoughts, your mind might go a little blank, making it difficult to know what to say and how to say it. Check out Toledo Wedding Guide’s tips for writing considerate and sincere reviews of your wedding vendors.

Submit the Review in a Timely Manner

Upon returning from your honeymoon, writing a review of your wedding vendors most likely isn’t the first thing on your to-do list, but just as thank you notes have a proper timeline, the same goes for wedding vendor reviews! Plus the longer you put it off, the harder it will be to remember the details that will make your review unique and helpful to others. Your review could make the difference whether another couple contacts the vendor you used, so the sooner you can get your helpful thoughts online, the better!

Provide Specific Details

It’s not enough to simply say your wedding vendor was good, brides want details! While writing your review make sure you are being helpful to other couples by including information you would have wanted to know before hiring a vendor. Share information such as: What made your wedding vendor so special? How did they go above and beyond? Were they easy to reach and did they respond promptly to emails, calls and texts? Did they stick to specified deadlines and contractual details? Was your investment in their products and services worth the end result? And most importantly, do you recommend them and would you hire them again?

Be Objective and Honest

While writing your vendor reviews, objectivity and perspective is key. If you felt your vendor fell short, try to assess if your expectations were reasonable. Put yourself in your vendor's place and keep in mind how much time and preparation they likely put into your wedding. Was the problem the result of circumstances beyond the control of the vendor? Did you speak to your vendor about it before publicly airing your grievance? Chances are good that the vendor would like to work with you by offering replacement goods or services rather than have a negative review posted, especially when they don’t even know there was an issue. If you have a negative experience with a wedding vendor that cannot be worked out, and you feel compelled to share your experience online, be sure to keep your review civil. Never include profanity, accusations, or defamatory statements in your review. And most important of all, be honest and think before you post. The Internet is forever and you don’t want to say something you will come to regret.

Get Feedback

It never hurts to get a second opinion! Before submitting your reviews have your spouse, mom, or best friend give them a once over. These trusted confidants likely were with you every step of the way through wedding planning and can help to provide a (possibly slightly less biased) perspective. They might even be able to add some helpful details you didn’t recall!

The best way to thank your wedding vendors is to provide a thoughtful and concise review. A positive review not only expresses your appreciation for their talent and hard work, it helps ensure the future success of their business!