10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your Wedding Day Hairstylist


words by | Eve Green

Don’t let your big day turn into a bad hair day! Finding the right stylist is key to ensuring you will look and feel like your most beautiful self on your wedding day. Once you’ve narrowed down your stylist options, consider asking the following questions to help you finalize your choice for who will be the best fit for you.

1. Do you have a portfolio of your work?

Martha Stewart Wedding’s states the importance of viewing a hair stylist’s past work. “A picture is worth a thousand words. To separate the good stylists from the excellent ones, look for variety when scanning the images. This is not the time to settle for something cookie cutter.” By viewing their portfolios you might even find some inspiration for your own wedding day look.

2. Can you work off my inspiration photos?

What bride hasn’t scrolled through Pinterest or leafed through a stack of bridal magazines searching for the perfect wedding day hairstyle? If you have inspiration photos, make sure your potential stylist is comfortable working off them. We suggest bringing a variety of inspiration photos so you can discuss with the stylist which are the best option for the look you’re trying to achieve.

3. Will you do a trial run before my wedding day?

A trial run (or multiple trial runs) are imperative for nailing down the perfect hair style. Even if your hair stylist is using your inspiration photos as a guideline, there will probably need to be tweaks made along the way to adjust the style to your hair type. The trial run is a great time to assess what you do and don’t like about the finished look. Does it need height? Looser curls? Do you need to take an entirely new direction? This is the time to figure those things out, not on your wedding day!

4. Do I need to bring my veil or accessories with me to the trial?

If you plan to wear a veil, hair piece or both, be sure to ask the stylist if you should bring these items to your trial. You may not have purchased your veil or accessories by the time your hair trial comes around, in that case see if your stylist has something similar on hand that she can practice with to achieve the right effect.

5. Are you familiar with my hair type?

No two brides are alike, and neither is their hair! From fine and flat to curly and thick, hair texture, length and style vary from one person to the next. Whether you need help fighting frizz or keeping your locks from going limp, make sure your stylist has the experience and ability to keep your hair looking fabulous on your big day.

6. Do you offer hair extensions?

Extensions may be a common hair accessory but that doesn’t mean they aren’t high maintenance! That’s why we love the idea of reserving extensions for a special day like your wedding day. Extensions add some extra volume and “oomf” to your hairstyle. If you want to use them, make sure your professional stylist has the expertise to flawlessly blend the extensions into your own mane, resulting in a fabulous do.

7. Are you willing to travel and work on location?

Some stylists prefer to work in their salon, while other are quite accustomed to traveling to on-site locations. Before signing a contract, make sure you and the stylist are both very clear about where the services will be taking place, what the stylist charges for travel, and if they charge a flat fee or by mileage.

8. Do you have a team of assistant hair stylists?

Wedding day logistics, like getting multiple bridesmaids’ hair completed in a limited number of hours, is no joke! You will want to know whether your lead stylist has a team of assistants available to style your bridesmaids’ hair. If your stylist doesn’t have many assistants available you may need to get started earlier in the day to guarantee time to complete hairdos - from flower girl to mother of the bride.

9. Do you have a backup stylist in case of emergency?

Once you’ve settled on your favorite stylist, the thought of someone else doing your wedding day hair is a unsettling. However, if your stylist becomes ill or has an emergency and is unable to fulfill his or her duties, you absolutely need to know that they have a backup plan and will be able to provide a skilled substitute who is ready to step in at a moments notice, ensuring your day goes off without a hitch and all hair in place!

10. What are your prices and do you offer packages?

As with many wedding professionals, hair stylists often offer wedding service packages. Whether you opt for the bridal package, wedding party package, or the a la carte option, take the time to break down the costs and find the package that is the best deal for your needs.

Take the stress out of getting ready on your wedding day by hiring a professional stylist with the experience and skill that will have you looking your best on the most special day of your life.