10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your Wedding Day Makeup Artist

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your Wedding Day Makeup Artist // Toledo Wedding Guide

words by // Eve Green

Every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day. The fear of not looking and feeling like the perfect glowing version of yourself can cause some serious bridal anxiety. For this very reason, we recommend handing it over to professionals. Let them do what they do so well, so you can relax while being pampered with a professional makeup application. Finding the right makeup artist to hire for your wedding day requires a little research. Consider asking the following questions to help you decide which makeup artist has the skill and experience to handle your bridal beauty on the big day.

1. Why do I need a professional when I can do my own makeup?

Even if you do a dazzling job applying your own makeup every day, understanding how to achieve a fabulous special occasion look that has to last through a long arduous day is an entirely different task. DIY wedding makeup is quite an undertaking that requires the purchase of high quality makeup with a price tag to match. Plus, it takes skill to achieve a look that is different than what you would wear to work. Your potential makeup artist should be able to tell you why their skills and abilities are worth the price and will make your wedding day even better!

2. Do you specialize in a certain look or technique? How would you describe your style?

While a professional makeup artist should be able to achieve a variety of looks, most tend to lean toward a signature style. Whether they are known for “naked” barely there makeup, a killer smokey eye, or a more retro vibe, it’s important to make sure your style aligns with the artist. Be sure to ask for a photo portfolio of his or her actual work so you can see whether it’s a fit.

3. What is your background? Where did you learn to apply makeup?

Whether makeup artists work independently or as part of a team, it’s important to find out where they completed their training, how long they have have been in the industry, and how many happy brides they have sent glowing down the aisle.

4. What kind of products do you use?

Every makeup artist will use a different variety of products, but it's important to make sure your makeup artist is using high quality non-irritating products that can accommodate sensitive skin. If you’ve never heard of the brands they use, do a little research of your own!

5. Will you do a trial run before my wedding day?

Much like our advice on wedding hair trials - we view wedding makeup consultations and trials as absolutely essential! Bring photos of your gown, color swatches and inspiration pictures to your trial run so your makeup artist will be able to get an idea of the total look you are trying to achieve. Be sure to point out what you love about your inspiration photos so you and the artist are on the same page.

6. Do you have any suggestions for my wedding day look?

We spoke with local makeup artist, Jenelle Ahmad MUA, whose biggest suggestion is to ask your makeup artist for their advice and options. Professional makeup artists have a wealth of knowledge and can give you all the need-to-know tips for pre-wedding skincare and what look will be most flattering on your wedding day.

7. Are you willing to travel and work on location?

What bride doesn’t want to get ready for her wedding in the comfort of her own suite surrounded by her bridesmaids and closest family? This is why the vast majority of makeup artists will travel, however it’s always important to verify any extra charges for mileage/travel before signing on the dotted sign.

8. What size of bridal party do you accommodate? Do you offer a team of assistants?

If you’re only hiring one makeup artist, with the expectation that she will do all the bridesmaids’ makeup, you’re going to have to get up pretty early in the morning! However, if a team of assistants is offered, this will allow for more flexibility within your getting ready schedule.

9. Do you offer traditional foundation or airbrush application?

Most makeup artists will offer the option of either traditional foundation or airbrush application, but if you have a preference it’s a good idea to ask beforehand. Airbrush is essentially a different way of applying foundation with a light spray of foundation misting the face creating an overall “airbrushed” look. If you can’t decide between the two ask your makeup artist if they will test out both options on you during your trial run.

10. What packages do you offer and what are your rates?

Much like a hairstylist, a makeup artist who specializes in wedding makeup will likely offer packages that could include the consultation/trial run, makeup application for a bridal shower or bachelorette party, and the wedding day. You may also receive different pricing for airbrush foundation or false eyelashes.

Bridal makeup should primarily achieve two things: make you feel beautiful and last through your entire wedding day. Finding a makeup artist with the right skills and experience to have you looking like your best self is of the utmost importance when planning which wedding professionals to hire.