Winter Engagement Photos - Outfitting for the Occasion


words by // Eve Green

Midwest winters aren’t for the faint of heart, and neither are winter engagement photo shoots. When the snow is falling and temperatures have plunged, having your engagement pictures session out in the cold requires some careful layering and some courage. However, the results may well be well worth a little shivering! Take full advantage of this festive season and consider the Toledo Wedding Guide’s top suggestions for your winter engagement photo outfits.


Wear Warm Layers

Lots of warm layers may seem obvious (and non-negotiable) but it’s important to plan the right kind of layers. Engagement photo outfits should be first and foremost, flattering. This can be a little difficult to achieve when you’re swathed up to your nose in knit sweaters and puffer coats. In order to stay warm and look good, incorporate accessories that don’t take up a lot of space. A cute winter hat, gloves, scarves, a tailored coat, or even a belt cinched around waist can help to keep you warm without looking like Randy, from A Christmas Story, in his snowsuit. Also, while leggings may be too casual for most engagement photo outfits, you can hide them under your jeans for added warmth!


Add Sparkle and Shine

Winter is the perfect season to incorporate metallics, sequins, and even glitter in your engagement photo attire. The Knot suggests, “consider metallic embellishments when choosing what to wear. Monochromatic embellished pieces will give your engagement photos just enough sparkle without becoming distracting. Have your fiancé wear a dress shirt in a crisp solid color to complement your glittery outfit.” A little sparkle goes a long way so we suggest keeping it minimal, especially if you’re also incorporating a bright color.


Plan for Snow

Snow serves as the most romantic and beautiful background nature has to offer at this time of year. Scheduling your engagement photos around a fresh snowfall is easier said than done, but the payoff is well worth it! There’s nothing like having your engagement photos captured with soft white snow falling around you, piling up on pine branches, or blanketing the ground in the background. All that being said, don’t forget to keep your toes warm in snow! Boots are a necessary accessory for winter engagement photos, and it wouldn’t hurt to double up your socks or wear wicking hiking socks to keep tootsies warm and dry.


Get in the Holiday Spirit

The winter holidays means twinkle lights and mistletoe to spare! Take advantage of this magical time of year and use some sparkly lights in your photos, maybe even cuddle up close and wrap yourselves in lights for some fun and romantic photos. And, what could be cuter than some kissing shots beneath the mistletoe!

Winter is a time of pure beauty and a perfect time of year for an engagement photo shoot. Is there anything more breathtaking than the stark contrast of leafless trees and a setting sun reflecting on snow? With endless festive attire options and stunning natural backdrops, we know your winter engagement photos will inspire everyone to celebrate your love!