What to Do After Your Wedding

What to do after your wedding // Toledo Wedding Guide

words by // Eve Green
photography // Kristen Nicole Photography

Just because you’ve said I do, doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty to do! Avoid the post wedding blues with our checklist What to Do After Your Wedding!

1. Write Thank You Notes

After you return from your honeymoon and get settled back into your routine, one of the first things you should do is to write your thank you notes. It’s customary to send thank you notes within a few months after the wedding, but we encourage getting started a little earlier than that. Writing thank you notes is time consuming, especially when you put a lot of thought into each and every note. In the weeks after your wedding, prevent feeling overwhelmed by setting aside time every day to work on them, this will also help prevent writing fatigue.

2. Review Vendors

Reviews are essential for wedding vendors and professionals. A thoughtful recommendation is one of best ways to say “thank you” to those who strived to make your wedding so special. Writing vendor reviews in a timely manner will not only be appreciated by the professionals who worked with you, but it will help ensure you don’t forget to do so! Check out our vendor review blog with tips for writing considerate and sincere reviews of your wedding vendors.

3. Clean and Preserve Your Wedding Dress

One of your most prized keepsakes after your wedding will likely be your wedding dress. Any well partied dress is sure to have a stain or two. If you want your gown to last a lifetime, it’s imperative to have it cleaned and preserved by a professional. Because will stains set in over time and become harder to remove, make this task a priority!  

4. Return Any Gifts and Complete Your Registry

After opening all your wedding gifts you should determine if you received any duplicate items and if something needs to be returned. Make sure to note the return policies of the stores the gifts came from so you don’t miss your window to exchange an item. If, like most couples, you didn’t receive every gift on your wedding registry, this is a great time to complete it. Some couples apply a portion of their monetary gifts toward the purchase of the more expensive registry items such as furniture or large appliances. Many stores offer a discount of 10-20% toward the purchase of any items remaining in your registry after the wedding.

5. Change Your Last Name

Whether or not to change your last name is a very personal decision. Some modern brides are forgoing this tradition. However, should you choose to change your last name, it will require a trip to your local Social Security office, and an update to every one of your credit cards, bank accounts, insurance policies, address and official documents such as your driver's license and professional licenses.

6. Get Finances in Order

Ideally you and your spouse would have had all the tough financial discussions, like student loan debt and credit cards by this point. Now is the time for you to get your finances in order as a married couple. You aren’t required to merge your bank accounts, though many couples find this to be the most practical option. After you have gone through all your bank and savings accounts and reviewed any potential debts, take this time to set financial goals for your future as a couple.

7. Plan an Anniversary Trip

After a year or more of busy wedding plans, it can be a major letdown when all the anticipation is over and for the first time in a long time you don’t have a big event on the horizon. To give you and your spouse something to look forward to, plan a first year anniversary trip! It doesn’t have to be as big (or expensive) as a honeymoon, just a weekend away to low key spot like a cabin or beach cottage can be the perfect romantic trip to commemorate your wedding day.

There may be some truth to the old saying “the first year of marriage is the hardest,” but with a little planning and organization, your first year of marriage will be far more rewarding and fulfilling than stressful. Navigating your lives together as a couple is what marriage is all about. Soak up your time together as newlyweds and enjoy every new adventure!