Ways to Save Memorabilia from Your Wedding

Ways to Save Memorabilia from your Wedding Day // Toledo Wedding Guide

written by // Eve Green

Preserving your wedding memories begins with saving your wedding memorabilia. Creative brides and Pinterest-worthy ideas have resulted in countless ways to save all those precious little (and big) keepsakes from your wedding. Here are some of our favorites!

Shadow Box

There are special items from your wedding that deserve to be showcased for years to come. While wedding invitations are a great item to have framed, a shadow box can be a wonderful way to display larger items that won’t fit within a frame. For example, your garter, the groom's boutonniere, your bouquet (or parts of it), and even your something old and something blue are the perfect additions to a shadow box. The options are endless, so try to keep your shadow box carefully curated with only items that are most important.

Preserve Your Bouquet

If you choose not to put your bouquet in a shadow box, there are many other ways to preserve your flowers. Your dried florals can become part of a glass Christmas ornament to hang on the tree each year. If you choose to press your flowers, Martha Stewart Weddings recommends, “To press, get a heavy book, line a page with wax paper and place individual petals on the paper. Put another heavy book on top, and keep the book closed for a week to 10 days. Flowers should then be moisture-free with a papery texture. Make different patterns—hearts, your monogram, abstract shapes—with the flowers on heavy cardstock and hang each separate design in a simple white or silver frame.” Pressed flowers can make for stunning artwork within your home.

Photo Album

One of the best ways to capture the magic of your wedding is to preserve your favorite images in a wedding photo album. Since most photographers offer a custom photo album as part of their wedding photography package, this makes it easy for most couples. If your photographer doesn’t offer a photo album, there are a plethora of online retailers that offer high quality albums for every budget. A photo album will ensure cherished memories from your special day will be enjoyed over and over, not just by you and your spouse, but also by generations to follow.

Frame Your Wedding Dress

We recently discussed the importance of cleaning and preserving your wedding dress. If you want your gown to last a lifetime, it’s imperative to have it cleaned and preserved by a professional. Did you know you can also frame your wedding dress? After your dress has been cleaned, there are services available that will press and fold your wedding dress into the frame of your choosing (full-length or smaller). As far as what you do with your framed gown, that’s entirely up to you! A professionally framed gown is a perfect focal point in a romantic bedroom or large walk-in closet.

When the big day is over, you can keep your memories fresh for years to come with carefully preserved keepsakes from a time that will forever remain in your heart!