10 Tips for Creating a Carefully Curated Wedding Registry

10 Tips for Creating a Carefully Curated Wedding Registry // Toledo Wedding Guide

words by // Eve Green

Creating your wedding registry should be near the top of your wedding task list. While you and your fiancé may already share living space and have the everyday necessities, there are still many reasons to create a wedding registry. Not only do guests like to have plenty of time before your wedding to purchase a gift, your beloved friends and family members may want to send you a congratulatory engagement gift. Consider our 10 Tips for Creating a Carefully Curated Wedding Registry.

1. Register at 2-3 retailers

When choosing the stores at which to register, try to strike a balance between specialty and major department stores. We recommend setting up a registry at a national chain and a specialty store. Think about registering at a local boutique for unique and fine home goods. Not everyone on your guest list may have access to certain stores or wish to shop online, so a major retailer with many locations nationally may be helpful.

2. Utilize registry consultants

While there are many benefits to registering online, by registering in-store you may be offered the services of an expert registry consultant who can help you shop, at no cost, making the entire process easy and efficient. Most retailers offer the best of both worlds to couples by beginning the registering process in-store and making adjustments to your list online throughout the remainder of your engagement.

3. Attend a private registry event

Some retailers even offer registry events when the store is closed to the public, allowing engaged couples to browse around while building their registry. Not only is it fun to have an entire store almost entirely to yourself, retailers usually pamper couples with cocktails and appetizers while they shop.

4. Be aware of your lifestyle when making choices

Many brides just don’t need or want, cabinets stuffed with full sets of formal china and delicate (and pricey) crystal. Life is fast paced today and the majority of modern dinnerware is already suited to fit any occasion, all while being dishwasher safe. However, if you aren’t a minimalist and have plenty of room to store two sets of dinnerware (everyday and formal) then a wedding is the perfect time to begin furnishing your household by registering for the formal dishes you will use on special occasions for years to come.

5. Register for products with varying price points

When making your selections, remember to include items with varying price points. Include lower priced items for individuals who, like yourselves, may be just starting out and may not have a lot of disposable income, or, in the case of retirees, are living on a fixed income. Give your guests a wide range of price options, registering for items below $50, from $50 - $100, and $100 and over.

6. Register with your fiancé

While you won’t both agree on everything, make it a priority to register together so the items that end up on your registry have been approved by both parties. One of you may have a stronger opinion about which linens to register for, and the other may have their heart set on a certain style of barware. The key is to keep the registry fair, balanced, and representative of both of your personalities.

7. Upgrade your household

Starting your lives as a newlywed couple is a good time to upgrade your household, because who really wants to keep their campus era plastic dishes, battered pots and pans, and tattered towels? Remember to register for improved versions of some items you may already own, but that are in dire need of replacing.

8. Embrace alternative registry ideas

Many modern couples supplement their traditional wedding registries with honeymoon registries where guests may give monetary gifts toward your honeymoon experience. Or if you truly don’t need anything, consider a charitable wedding registry where guests give a financial donation to the charity of your choice.

9. Update your registry

You may be resisting the temptation to view your registry so you can be surprised when it comes time to open wedding gifts, but it’s actually a good idea to keep tabs on your registry throughout your engagement. Retailers frequently discontinue products and best sellers can go out of stocks for months at a time. You may need to find replacements for some of the items you previously registered for.

10. Take your time

We understand completing your wedding registry can be a little overwhelming in addition to planning an entire wedding. Take it slow if you need to. It doesn’t have to be done all at once, you can easily add items to your registry in the time leading up to your wedding.

The goal of registering for your wedding is to fill your home with carefully selected household goods that will last you for many years to come. Enjoy the process and take advantage of the myriad registry services available in-store and online for couples just like you.