Wedding Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style

Wedding Trends that Will Never Go Out of Style // Toledo Wedding Guide

written by // Eve Green 

There is most certainly an ebb and flow to wedding trends. The popularity of barn weddings with mason jar centerpieces and rafters festooned with burlap may be on the wane, but some wedding features have come down through the ages and will never go out of style. We have gathered up our favorite time-honored trends that we feel will always define weddings.

Paper Stationery

Did you know you can now RSVP to a wedding online? In an increasingly digital world, these techy takes on time-honored traditions are innovative and convenient. And while most people opt for email over sending letters in their daily correspondence, as far as weddings go, physical paper invitation suites will never go out of style. Paper invitations help to set the tone for your wedding and give guests a sneak peek of what is to come. We can’t imagine a world without gorgeous wedding invitations featuring luxurious paper, classic fonts, typography, and stunning designs.

Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake tradition dates all the way to ancient Rome when bread was broken over the bride’s head for luck. Today’s wedding pastries have come a long way, and for the past several decades, couples have gotten creative, choosing to offer their guests all kinds of delightful pastries, from cupcakes and cookies to macarons, donuts, and everything in between. While we are always in favor of incorporating unique bites, there is no doubt that cakes will always reign supreme not only as the top dessert choice for weddings, but as a centerpiece for the reception. If you are a fan of tradition but want to mix things up, there are plenty of ways to make your wedding cake stand out above the rest. Towering tiers, unique flavor combinations, and cascading flowers are just a few of the ways to make your wedding cake a star attraction.

Bridal Headpieces

Hair accessories and headpieces will always have a place in bridal fashion. Whether bridal headpieces are trending toward boho-chic flower crowns, or a new vintage style crystal comb, rest assured there is always a trendy headpiece enhance your bridal look. One thing we know for sure, wedding veils will always be in style. While some modern brides are opting to forgo veils, this iconic accessory remains sheerly breathtaking as the bride comes down the aisle and will always be a classic fashion choice.

Neutral Color Schemes

Weddings featuring neutral color palettes truly stand the test of time. While we love bright pops of color, muted tones can be very versatile and luxurious. All white weddings have been a popular trend for many years but neutral color schemes are not restricted to just white. Our favorite neutral color schemes are soft and romantic. Consider a combination of white, cream tones, grays, and pale blush tones or colors found in nature like pale blues and muted greens.

The Getaway Car

Grand wedding exits are a classic. Unforgettable exits in suave vehicles will always be effortlessly cool. Many vehicles are selected to match the wedding color scheme and end up appearing like a perfect extension of the decor. Outfit your car with cans or a “Just Married” sign and you’re on your way! What better way to end your wedding day.

Some trends hit the wedding scene fast and are officially “out” within a couple years, while others remain tried and true, often brought back to life with new interpretations and unique takes. While trends are subjective, everything old is new again when modern mixes with timeless traditions.