Short but Sweet! How to Plan Your Wedding in Six Months or Less

Short but Sweet! How to Plan Your Wedding in Six Months or Less // Toledo Wedding Guide

words by // Eve Green

With many couples allowing one to two years for wedding planning, deciding on a short engagement may lead to feeling overwhelmed, but let us assure you, it can be done! When a wedding planning timeline is shortened, there are actually a lot of pros, one of the most significant the necessity for making quick decisions. At first glance, one might think this would lead to chaos, but in reality, it prevents you from second guessing decisions. Not to mention, whirlwind wedding planning can be quite romantic! Consider our top tips for planning your dream wedding in six months or less, and get ready to make some quick decisions!

Hire a wedding planner

Booking a wedding planner is always a good idea, but for couples with six months or less to plan, hiring a wedding planner may end up being the best decision you’ll make. The ability to let go and let someone else help you will be your greatest resource during the accelerated planning process.

Set the date and book vendors

With little time to spare, it is beneficial to come up with a few date options depending on the availability of your preferred wedding vendors. Wedding professionals typically book far in advance, and with six months or less to plan, pickin’s can be slim! Booking your venue, caterer, photographer, stationery designer, and ordering your wedding dress should be the of the utmost importance. Setting the date off-season in winter or early spring, or even selecting Friday or Sunday for your “I do” day will help you to secure the top venue of your choice.

Opt for a smaller guest list

There is no hard and fast rule about having a small guest list when planning an accelerated wedding, though it can make things easier on the bride and groom. The fewer people you have to account for and include, the more manageable planning can be. In addition, a smaller guest list will open up a world of beautiful and unique wedding vendor options such as venues that only cater to smaller groups.

Set-up your registry

Couples typically have a little bit of time after their engagement to set up a wedding registry, but if your wedding is right around the corner, we suggest registering as soon as possible after the engagement. Friends and family may want to purchase an engagement gift, and with the wedding just a few months away your wedding guests will be eager to know what the bride and groom need for their home.

Be flexible

When planning a wedding with an accelerated timeline, it’s inevitable one of your top choices - a venue, photographer, your favorite dress, or even a wedding party member - may not be available. Flexibility and being open to alternatives will be your best friends throughout the process. Once your expectations are adjusted, you’ll soon forget the minor modifications required in the name of saving time!

Time will literally whisk by, but while your engagement may be short, don’t forget to enjoy the process of planning your wedding. Just think, a short engagement means you’re that many months closer to marrying the love of your life!