Much Loved Regional Bites to Provide at Your Wedding

Much Love Regional Bites to Provide at Your Wedding // Toledo Wedding Guide

words by // Eve Green
photo by // Kent and Stephanie Photography

Small bites, whether offered as midnight snacks or as part of your dessert line-up, are a fun way to personalize your wedding and give your guests plenty to snack on. Southern weddings are famous for their fun foodies, but up north we also have many beloved regional bites to feature at your wedding! Consider our top picks!


Some couples like to take their love for their alma mater to the fullest extent, honoring their school by including it as part of their wedding theme. Others may simply want to pay homage to their home state. Either way, the iconic milk chocolate dipped peanut butter candy (made to appear like real buckeye nuts) is a fan favorite at many Ohio weddings. Package individual Buckeyes as great favors or display them as an addition to your range of desserts. You could even feature a buckeye wedding cake or cupcakes at your reception. The options are endless!

Comfort Food

What says “love” better than some classic midwest comfort food? If you’re worried that homegrown fare may be too casual for your wedding, consider a fresh and updated take on this classic catering choice. Mashed potato bars allow you to feature an array of upscale toppings and gourmet mac and cheese bites are guaranteed to be loved by all. If you’re craving fried chicken on your special day, find a local caterer who can make it happen in the best of style and taste.

Cookie Table

The cookie table trend originated in Pittsburgh, but the Steel City is close enough to our neck of the woods that cookie tables are often a popular choice for Toledo weddings and the surrounding area. According to The New York Times, “wedding receptions in Pittsburgh have featured cookie tables, laden with dozens of homemade old-fashioned offerings like lady locks, pizzelles, and buckeyes” for as long as anyone can remember. “For weeks ahead — sometimes months — mothers and aunts and grandmas and in-laws hunker down in the kitchen baking and freezing. Then, on the big day, hungry guests ravage the buffet, piling plates high and packing more in takeout containers so they can have them for breakfast the next day.” We love this old world tradition that brings family members together in celebration with a shared love of sweets.

Food Trucks

We love the idea of food trucks at a wedding because not only are the cuisine options endless but how much more fun and easy can it get? If your celebration is a casual affair, consider a full-on food truck wedding with trucks catering your entire meal. Other couples may opt for traditional catering with a surprise late night food truck appearance offering ice cream, tacos, or your favorite fried food! There are a variety of ways to incorporate a food truck as part of your of your special day.

Gourmet Donuts

Donuts are a wedding trend that is most definitely here to stay. And no wonder, these delectable delights are available in an endless array. From sugar and spice to salty and savory, fresh donuts are sure to tempt the palate of each of your guests. After an evening of dinner and dancing who can resist the temptation of this gourmet treat. We’re partial to local favorite Holey Toledough donuts! Their made-from-scratch donuts feature the freshest of ingredients and are a total crowd pleaser. We can’t think of anything that sounds more perfectly regional their delicious maple bacon donut!

Featuring much loved regional bites at your wedding not only lends your celebration a unique spin, it also offers your guests a taste of home they are all sure to know and love.