How to Communicate Effectively with Wedding Vendors

How to Communicate Effectively with Wedding Vendors // Toledo Wedding Guide

words by // Eve Green

Wedding planning is going to require a great deal of your time reaching out to and corresponding with wedding vendors. As with all things related to weddings, there is communication etiquette that should be abided by all couples. Effective and courteous communications will go a long way to smooth the path leading to your big day. We have gathered our top tips on How to Communicate Effectively with Wedding Vendors.

Be thoughtful about your correspondence

There’s a certain amount of information that is helpful to wedding vendors when couples submit inquiries, such as the wedding date, location, specifics about the product or service you're interested in, and the allocated budget. Always be upfront about your budget so the vendor can come up with suggestions that work for you. If they don’t know what you have to spend they have nowhere to start. Also keep in mind that some vendors need notice, often up to a year or more, to fit your wedding into their schedule. Reach out as early as possible.

Keep your expectations realistic

Isn’t it great when you send an inquiry to a wedding vendor and they have a response to you within the hour? Yes! Is that a realistic expectation, given their extremely busy schedules and workload? No. It will take most vendors 24 - 48 hours to get back you regarding your inquiry or question. Also, keep in mind that the further away your wedding is, the lower priority you fall in comparison to couples whose weddings are right around the corner. Understand that vendors have to prioritize their time to ensure the best experience for all their clients. Remember that they will offer you the same attention as your wedding day approaches.

Respect their personal time

When you’re caught up in the exciting whirlwind of wedding planning, it can be easy to forget that it’s inappropriate to text or call your wedding vendor after 8 pm. Just like other businesses, vendors also have times when they are “open” or “closed.” Many business people designate a certain time of day or day of the week to answer correspondence. Unless there is an emergency or you have specifically been told you they are available to chat in the late evening, do your best to respect their personal time as this might be the only hours of the day they get to spend exclusively with their family. It’s much more acceptable to send an email later in the day as it’s less likely to interrupt their personal time, but don’t expect a response until business hours.

Be honest and responsive

Couples surely appreciate when a vendor acknowledges that communication has been received and you should always return this favor so they aren’t left wondering if an important text or email has been missed. In order to find the vendors that are the best match and within your budget, you will likely end up inquiring with multiple vendors in each category, from photographers to venues, caterers, and florists. In fact, we highly encourage couples to explore all their options before deciding on “the one.” The key, however, is to be kind and courteous enough to let other vendors you have exchanged information with know that you have chosen another option. It’s just good business. You aren’t required to reveal which company you have chosen or provide any details. Their feelings won’t be hurt and they will appreciate knowing that they can clear a date on their calendar for another client.

Treat wedding vendors as you would want to be treated. That’s right, it’s The Golden Rule of Wedding Vendor Communications. This is ultimately the most important thing to keep in mind as you contact and speak with everyone who will help your much anticipated special day become a reality.