How to Welcome Out-of-Towners with Style

How to Welcome Out-of-Towners with Style // Toledo Wedding Guide

words by // Eve Green

When guests arrive to celebrate your wedding, show your appreciation with a welcome that expresses your thanks and will help to make their stay as relaxing as possible. In order to make your out-of-town guests feel at home in their hotel, we’ve gathered our favorite recommendations for How to Welcome Out-of-Towners with Style.

Making your guests feel welcome is a process that begins well before the wedding weekend! The first step for making your guests’ experience a positive one, is to be sure your invitations are clear and concise about the location of the wedding, as well as directions to and the times of all events.

Don’t forget to include information about available accommodations. A little effort on your part will help simplify the process of booking rooms and making travel plans for your guests. Provide a variety of lodging possibilities that vary from budget to higher end. Travel and hotel stays can get expensive fast, so check with local hotels to see if a block of discounted rooms may be made available to your guests. Be sure to note the dates of the block rate. Is there an awesome inn or celebrated B & B in the area? Include their contact info as well.

Once the wedding weekend arrives, the most popular way to greet your guests and kick off the weekend are welcome bags placed in your guests hotel rooms. Welcome bags vary from reusable carryall totes, decorated paper bags, or baskets that are filled with items to make the stay more comfortable. It’s all about the presentation, so incorporate your wedding color scheme or display your signature wedding artwork on the welcome bags as a little preview of everything to come during the wedding festivities. Get creative and really have fun with the welcome gifts, this is the perfect time to employ cute catchy phrases, brag on your hometown, and share some of your and the groom’s favorite treats. When determining what goodies to include in your welcome bags, we have you covered! Check out our guide for How to Put Together the Perfect Welcome Basket.

If you really want to go above and beyond, consider arranging pickups and dropoffs to and from the airport for friends and family who are flying in to celebrate your special day. That way, especially if they are not familiar with the area, they have one less thing to worry about. Providing a transportation shuttle from the hotel to the wedding and reception is another common courtesy so guests can relax, celebrate, and enjoy the evening’s libations without having to arrange for a cab or a designated driver.

Whether when in the receiving line, or at the reception, you and your groom should make it a point to thank each guest in person for making the trip and attending your wedding. Also, don’t forget to express thanks to your beloved guests in the speeches made at the reception. Sending your guests home (or back to their hotel) with a small favor, whether it be a late night snack, or a sentimental token of your appreciation, is a wonderful way to end your special night with a final note of thanks and affection.

Going out of your way to welcome guests in fun and creative ways can make a big impact on their experience during your wedding weekend. Sharing this special day with friends and family both near and far is part of what makes a wedding so memorable.