Wedding Thank-You Notes Do's and Don'ts

Wedding Thank-You Notes Do's and Don'ts // Toledo Wedding Guide

words by // Eve Green

Just when all the wedding fun is done, you’re tasked with one last majorly important job . . . writing thank you notes! It’s time to pull out of your list of gifts, get organized, and consider our Wedding Thank-You Notes Do's and Don'ts!

Do: Pay careful attention to spelling

The last thing you want to do in a wedding thank you note is misspell the gift giver’s name. No matter how kind and thoughtful your words are, if a name is misspelled, the note will be shadowed by your lack of attention to detail. When in doubt double check! Hey, that’s what Facebook is for, right?

Don’t: Mention if you plan to return the gift

It’s inevitable that you will receive a gift (or two) that is a replica or you and your hubby don’t like or don’t need. Never mention when you plan to return or exchange a wedding gift. Simply express your appreciation for the giver’s generosity and offer thanks for attending your wedding celebration.

Do: Personalize each note

When writing a thank you note, it’s essential to make reference to the person who gave the gift and make note of what the gift was. If you received a monetary gift, don’t mention the dollar amount. Simply mentioning how you plan to put the monetary gift to use will suffice.

Don’t: Use the same message for each note

While we love custom printed thank you notes with photos from the wedding and even a pretty typography version of “thank you” or a similar message, don’t pre-print your entire message. Thank you notes should be catered to each individual and gift because taking the time to write these personalized notes shows your gratitude even more.

Do: Divide and conquer

The task of writing thank you notes can be daunting and time consuming if you have a lot of people to thank. Save time by sharing this task with your spouse. An easy way to divide up the list is for you to write the notes for your friends and side of the family and your spouse does the same for his or her friends and family.

Don’t: Forget those who gave in ways others than gifts

Writing thank you notes may be made so much easier if, when you are opening wedding gifts and cards, the Maid-of-Honor or other helpful friend or family member makes a list detailing each gift and who it is from. It’s also important to note group gifts and who all contributed. However, don’t rely solely on this list. You may have friends or family who gave at other times than the wedding and in other ways, such as offering to do your wedding makeup or helping to coordinate the day and serve as a liaison for you. No matter what their role, remember that these people deserve a note of gratitude (if not their own little thank you gift!)

Do: Send thank you notes in a timely matter

The general timeline rule of thumb with wedding thank you notes is to send them within three months of receiving the gift. If you receive a gift after your wedding, you essentially have another three months in which is it appropriate to send a note of thanks. However, there is nothing wrong with sending thank you notes earlier. Many couples complete this to-do soon upon returning from their honeymoon. It can be nice for guests to receive a thank you note while the fond memories of your wedding are still fresh.

Don’t: Think it’s ever too late to send a thank you note

Getting back from your honeymoon, returning to work, and adjusting to married life can be a busy time. It can be hard to get back into the swing of things and make time for writing your thank you notes, especially if you had a lot of guests at your wedding. If you miss the thank you note deadline, remember that it’s never too late to send a note! It doesn’t matter if your wedding was six months ago or even a year. Always express your thanks for wedding gifts, no matter how late you are.

While there are plenty of thank you note faux pas to avoid, as long as you and your spouse take time to reflect on each gift and write a genuine note of thanks and gratitude, your guests are sure to appreciate your thoughtful words.