Essentials Items for Getting Ready in the Wedding Suite

Essential Items for Getting Ready in the Wedding Suite // Toledo Wedding Guide

words by // Eve Green

The wedding suite is a fun and relaxing retreat where you and your wedding party can get ready and prepare for the festivities. Ensure your suite experience is amazing by preparing your wedding-ready command center with these essentials!

1. Robes

Pre-wedding outfits vary, but we love a light and airy robe for getting ready in the wedding suite. Robes and kimonos are the perfect attire for those long hours lounging around while each member of the wedding party patiently waits their turn for hair and makeup. Not to mention, matching robes look adorable in wedding photos!

2. Phone Charger

There’s no doubt your professional photographer won’t be the only one snapping away while the wedding party gets ready for the big day. Keep your phone fully charged and ready to capture the day’s most precious moments. While your phone will hopefully be turned off and tucked away during the ceremony, you may want it available to record moments from early in the day to the reception and after-hours party.

3. Steamer

No matter how well pressed and steamed your wedding dress and the bridesmaids' dresses are beforehand, they will undoubtedly acquire a few wrinkles during transport to the wedding suite. Have a steamer available so everyone is able to release any wrinkles or crumple marks.

4. Hangers

The only way to keep your freshly steamed gown perfect is to hang it high off the floor. The same goes for your maids’ dresses. Provide each of your bridesmaids with an adorable personalized hanger which will serve not only as a keepsake but will also keep frocks neat until it’s time to get dressed for the ceremony.

5. Emergency Kit

Every wedding suite needs a fully stocked wedding day survival kit to counter emergencies! It’s what you’ll reach for if anything goes wrong, from a blistered toe to a trailing hemline. We recommend stocking your emergency kit with the following (at a minimum!) Sewing kit, first aid kit, tweezers, tissues, bobby pins, clear nail polish, nail file, mints, lint roller, fashion tape, oil absorbing sheets, painkillers, tampons, and safety pins.

6. Lighting and Music

The wedding suite is getting ready central. With upwards of 10 or more people getting their makeup and hair done simultaneously, it’s imperative to have the right equipment! Select a playlist of great music to get ready to and keep energies up. Make sure there is plenty of good lighting to go around. Consider bringing self-lit cosmetic mirrors or some extra lighting if the room is dark.

7. Snacks and Drinks

Don’t let your bridesmaids (or yourself) go down the aisle hungry! A lot of time can go by from the hour you arise bright and early to get ready, followed by the ceremony, until you finally arrive at the reception. Have a variety of tempting snacks on hand with staying power, from cheese and crackers to fresh fruits and vegetables. Focus on foods that are light but filling enough to get your wedding party through the morning and afternoon. And don’t forget to hydrate with water, juice, coffee, and maybe even a little bubbly to get the party started.

When getting ready with your bridesmaids in your wedding suite, it will be a flurry of excitement. Take our advice to help make it a calming and relaxing experience before you walk down the aisle. Have fun lounging around in your matching floral robes, snacking on delectable treats, and sipping champagne while you’re pampered with professional makeup application and hair styling. These last few calm moments spent with cherished friends and family before the ceremony may be some of your fondest from the big day.