Do You Need a Wedding Website?

Do You Need a Wedding Website? // Toledo Wedding Guide

words by // Eve Green

As weddings becoming increasing digitized, you may be wondering if it’s necessary to have a wedding website. The primary purpose of a wedding website is to provide guests with a central location where they can access everything they need to know about your wedding. Typically, wedding websites feature information about your wedding day, including the date, time, and location. Other important details might include accommodations, where you’re registered, plus some sentimental and personal items such as your engagement photos, how you met, and an introduction to the wedding party.

With so many beautiful and free wedding website designs to choose from, we fully support embracing this tech option that truly simplifies wedding planning. Websites like Joy give you the ability to share your wedding details, display your registries, manage your guest list, and collect RSVPs. Other popular wedding website providers that allow you to customize your web design include The Knot and WeddingWire. We love the unique website designs offered by Minted that come with matching printed invitations from independent artists. If you want to keep your website up well after your wedding and are willing to invest a small portion of your wedding budget, there are many low-cost website options to consider. For only $12 a month, Squarespace is a highly customizable option with stunning minimalist designs. This easy to use platform also offers outstanding customer service. If your primary need is an online spot to integrate your registries, consider one of the gorgeous designs offered by Zola.

A wedding website also provides you with an easy forum to update guests about any necessary changes. If any times or locations change unexpectedly, or other important updates are required, you can direct your guests to your website. You will also find that wedding websites can save you from being bombarded with the same questions over and over. The last thing you need on your wedding day is to get a text from your distant cousin asking “What time is the ceremony? I forgot my invitation.” Okay - we can’t guarantee that won’t happen, but with an online hub of information available to your guests, odds are greater you will be left alone to deal with all the day-of details.

In conclusion, to answer the question do you need a wedding website, is no. However, with so many free tools available online that will only serve to simplify your wedding planning and provide your guests with a reliable center where they can find all the need-to-know information about your big day, we highly recommend having a wedding website. Just be sure to keep it updated. If you are adamantly opposed to the idea, ensure that between your save-the-dates and invitation suite, your guests have been supplied with everything they need to know. One caveat here is that it is traditionally frowned upon to include registry information in your wedding invitation. If you choose to forgo a wedding website, you may have to rely on good ol’ fashioned word of mouth to get your registry information out to your guests.