Posing Tips for Looking Like a Model in Your Wedding Photos

Posing Tips for Looking Like a Model in Your Wedding Photos // Toledo Wedding Guide

words by Eve Green

Unless you’re a professional model, or just really good at getting that #selfie, striking a flattering pose for a photo can be a challenge. While your wedding photographer will help you look beautiful in your photos, there are plenty of tips and tricks that will prepare you to pose for flattering yet natural photos. Follow this simple set of rules and look like a model in your wedding photos!

1. Embrace a Subtle Contour

Simple wedding makeup will always look best in photos, but a subtle contour can help to bring out the angles in your face when done correctly and with extreme caution. If you don’t contour in your everyday life, it may be best to forgo this step on your wedding day. If you do choose to contour, opt for sheer products or try a slight contour with bronzer. Consider consulting with a professional makeup artist.

2. Elongate the Neck

Avoid those dreaded double chin pictures with these simple tips for elongating the neck. Start by pointing the jaw outward and slightly down. Then gently press your tongue against the roof of your mouth to lift the chin and your cheeks.

3. Relax Your Smile

After hours of posing for photos, it’s natural to experience some smile fatigue. Try to stay relaxed so your smile stays effortless and authentic. If your smile is starting to feel tired and forced, take a deep breath and think of something that makes you happy (like your new spouse!) then settle into a soft smile. Repeat as necessary! Don’t forget that your smile doesn’t just come from your mouth, it’s also in the eyes. You can achieve the “smize” by keeping your mouth closed while slighting upturning the corners and squinting your eyes just a little.

4. Separate Your Limbs

One of the most flattering posing tricks is to create space and separate your limbs. Putting one or both hands on your hips, or even pulling your arms ever so slightly away from your body will help to elongate and slim your arms so they aren’t squished against your body. Leaning your hips away from the camera and crossing your ankles can also have a narrowing effect.

5. Practice Your Posture

Brides Magazine regards posture as your most important wedding day accessory. Brides suggests, “Stand tall with your shoulders back and flex your core muscles. Instead of letting your arms hang by your sides, place your hands on your hips, around your bouquet, or your fiancé's waist to help prevent slouching.” Don’t leave the task of perfecting your posture for your wedding day, remember to practice proper posture throughout your daily life leading up to the wedding. Then it will feel more natural to fall into a well postured pose on the big day. Not only that, you will be training yourself for a lifetime of great posture!

While looking good in photos ultimately comes down to staying relaxed and having good posture, it also requires a great photographer! Not only will you be spending your entire wedding day with the photographer, you will spend the rest of your life with the photo memories of your special day.