The Ultimate Greeting – The Welcome Box


words by // Cassandra Clair
Event Prep // Event Planning & Design

Whether you’re having a destination wedding or have chosen to keep it local, welcome gifts have become more than just a nice gesture for your guests. Whether tucked into a bag, box or basket – welcome gifts are an opportunity to personally welcome each guest who will be coming from out of town or utilizing the hotel block you’ve reserved while spoiling them a little bit with your hand-picked favorites. Welcome gifts also a great way to set the tone for your wedding weekend. From branded stationery to custom treats, there are so many ways to get creative and infuse your personality into a special gift that says, “We’re so glad you came to share in our special day!”

What exactly makes up a wedding welcome bag? Just about anything! You can use a tote, box, gift bag, basket, and more, to create a hospitality kit for your guests that goes beyond the hotel mini-bar and free bath amenities. When choosing what to put into your welcome bag, consider the many options available and allow yourself to get creative!  

Take a look at some of our favorite welcome bag fillers:

The Ultimate Greeting - The Welcome Box // Toledo Wedding Guide

Information: Your out of town guests might not be familiar with the area where your event is taking place, and they will most likely have some downtime throughout the weekend. Be sure to include a map and itinerary of the wedding weekend with information including timelines, key locations, dress codes, and suggestions for your favorite local hot spots for shopping and dining. Pop in a few brochures from local points of interest. 

The Ultimate Greeting - The Welcome Box // Toledo Wedding Guide

Refreshments: Set a celebratory tone for your event with some of your favorite libations! For our welcome bag we included “His Favorite” – a bottle of locally made craft beer and “Her Favorite” – a mini bottle of our bride’s favorite kind of wine.

The Ultimate Greeting - The Welcome Box // Toledo Wedding Guide

Treats: Salty, sweet, or both – your guests, especially if they’ve had a long trip, will love having something handy – and not out of a machine – to snack on.  This is another area where you can add a touch of your personality by including homemade goodies, local treats, or something custom in the bag.  Do you and your fiancé have a favorite furry member of the family, sports team, or hobby that is a big part of your life? For a fun and creative way to incorporate that aspect of who you are as a couple, consider working with a local bakery to create a custom sugar cookie to pay homage to that – like we did with this adorable puppy themed sugar cookie created by Glass City Cupcakes

The last step to ensure your welcome gifts will wow and please, is to be diligent about coordinating, well in advance, their delivery by hotel staff. It’s not a bad idea, even though arrangements have been made, to quickly touch base with a reminder for hotel folks right before guests are expected. We know your family and friends will be pleasantly surprised when they receive such a thoughtful gift in anticipation of the celebrations that are soon to commence!

The Ultimate Greeting - The Welcome Box // Toledo Wedding Guide

Pro Tip! 

You’ve spent countless hours brainstorming and designing the look of your big day, so don’t forget to stay on brand when it comes to your wedding welcome bag! Stick with the same aesthetic and color scheme as your wedding, and your guests will get a tantalizing sneak peek of what’s to come. Your stationery designer is a great asset and will be available to help you achieve a styled look, similar to the one Uppercase Design created for this gorgeous custom-designed welcome bag.

photos by // Viridian Ivy Images