Here's How Much the Average Wedding Costs


words by // Eve Green

The average wedding cost usually comes down to one very big variable: location. Couples who reside in rural areas are far less likely to end up with the same price tag as a wedding in Manhattan. That being said, no wedding is inexpensive these days. The average cost of a wedding in Toledo, Ohio is $19,810; Grand Rapids, Ohio $21,060; Maumee, Ohio $28,093; Perrysburg, Ohio $28,878; and Sylvania, Ohio $32,475. How do the costs of a wedding in Toledo and the surrounding area stack up to the national average? The Knot states the average wedding in America comes in at $33,931, excluding honeymoon expenses. That number is based on 140 guests, breaking down to an approximate cost of $243 per guest.

Wedding Percent Breakdown Per Category:

  • Food & Drink: 40%

  • Venue & Rentals: 10-15%

  • Photography & Video: 12%

  • Wedding Planner: 6-10%

  • Music: 6-12%

  • Attire & Beauty: 10%

  • Florals: 6-10%

  • Stationery: 3-6%

  • Transportation 1-5%

  • Miscellaneous 1-5%

How to Stay on Budget

Going over your wedding budget is all too common. In fact, couples frequently exceed their wedding budget by thousands of dollars. In order to stay in budget it’s essential to stay focused while wedding planning. Stay true to what matters to you and your fiancé. Don’t overspend in a category that holds little value to you compared to other aspects of the wedding. If family members have offered to help pay for some or all of the wedding expenses, have a discussion with them about exactly what that would entail and how involved they would expect to be in the planning. This can be a great and generous gift to a couple struggling to fund an entire wedding, but the offer may also come with some strings attached. Be sure you are willing to compromise before accepting this offer.

How to Cut Costs

If you find you need more of your budget allocated to a certain vendor category, reevaluate the other areas your money is going so you can balance out the costs. Another quick (but not painless) way of cutting costs is to refine your guest list. Once you calculate the cost per head you will be able to determine exactly how many guests you can afford to invite. One or two added guests might not seem like much, but more people also means more tables, food, alcohol, centerpieces, and so on.

Finally, the best way to stay on top of your wedding expenses is to track every dollar spent from the very start. That includes everything from the gifts you gave the bridesmaids and groomsmen when you asked them to be in your wedding, to your wedding night hotel suite. If not kept in check, even those little expenses add up quickly and consequently take up a large portion of your budget. All those pricey little details may seem important at the time but try to keep the big picture in mind so you don’t overspend on details you may forget about shortly after your wedding.