Wedding Day Emergency Kits


words by // Eve Green

Every bride needs a wedding day survival kit to counter emergencies! It’s what you’ll reach for if anything goes wrong, from a blistered toe to a trailing hemline. At a minimum, we recommend stocking your emergency kit with the following!

Sewing Kit

One of the most essential components of your wedding day emergency kit is a sewing kit to ensure an accidental tear or loose thread can be fixed in a snip! It should contain needles, thread, safety pins, buttons, and a pair of scissors.  

First Aid Kit

Be prepared in case a headache or other small medical emergency, such as a cut or blister strikes. Stock your first aid kit with ibuprofen and acetaminophen tablets, chewable antacids, antiseptic wipes, band-aids, and blister cushions for your fabulous heels. If your wedding is outdoors, don’t forget the allergy medication!


Take care of stray hairs and make sure your brows are looking perfect with a handy pair of tweezers. Not to mention, tweezers are a universal tool that could be helpful in a variety of minor emergencies.


Facial tissues are an absolute must on your wedding day. Whether you are wiping away your tears or dabbing at some unwelcome perspiration, have them within reach throughout your entire wedding day. Speaking of sweat, don’t forget a stick of deodorant!

Bobby Pins & Hairspray

Your hairstylist may give you a handful of extra bobby pins to help secure any loose strands from your updo, but you should add a few to your emergency kit just in case. And don’t forget the hairspray!

Nail File & Clear Nail Polish

A nail file or emery board and clear nail polish will help smooth things out if you have a sudden manicure emergency with chips or a broken nail.

Lint Roller & Stain Remover

Keep lint and fuzzies off your dress with a lint roller and be ready to attack any accidental stains with a stain removal pen.

Fashion Tape

If your neckline is slipping and needs to be held in place, double-sided fashion tape will be your best friend! You’ll find it at most wedding attire retailers or a fabric store.

Oil Absorbing Sheets

Keep your perfectly applied bridal makeup fresh throughout the entire day with oil absorbing sheets. These thin paper sheets work better than regular tissues by targeting the oil without removing your makeup.

Dental Items

All those photos require gleaming pearlies! Include dental floss or flossers, toothpaste, and brush, and have a mini bottle of mouthwash and mints at the ready.


Whether you’re expecting your period on your wedding day or not, stick a few tampons in your emergency kit just in case! Stress can do crazy things to your cycle and you never know when it could pop up.

If creating an emergency kit seems like too much to handle with your already long wedding day preparation checklist, you’re in luck! Travel sized wedding day emergency kits are available for purchase at most beauty stores. Also, keep in mind that even if some of these items don’t sound necessary, they might come in handy for your wedding party. After the wedding, it wouldn’t hurt to toss the kit into your honeymoon bag!