How to Relax for Your Engagement Pictures


You’ve scheduled your engagement photos...the panic sets in! What am I going to wear? How am I going to do my hair? What in the world is HE going to wear! And on top of it all, I HATE getting my picture taken! It’s so awkward! If these thoughts are racing through your mind, trust us, you’re not alone and we’re here to help!

So let’s pump the breaks. We’re Loren and Mary Beth of Adore Wedding Photography and we have photographed countless couples that are going through exactly what you are at this very moment. We have a secret to tell you - no couple loves getting their pictures taken, even us! We’ve had our portraits taken many times and we’ve had some really great experiences and a few bad ones and we’re going to give you guys some advise so you not only have great photos, but an incredible time during your session as well!

The first thing is to set your expectations. If you convince yourself that it’s going to be awkward, guess what? It will be! But there isn’t any reason for you to be anxious. Expect to have fun! To dance a little and have a great time with your partner. More than getting the “perfect” photo for your save the dates, view this session for what it really is: Celebrating and documenting your love in a less formal setting than the wedding. We’re here to share exactly how to do that.


For us, we consider ourselves documentary photographers so we enjoy having our couples do something they love opposed to taking picture after picture for 2 hours in a park. So what would that look like for you and your fiancé? Do you enjoy going to the fair? Hanging out in a cool coffee shop? Walking around the city or spending the day at the zoo? Picking a location that you’re comfortable in will not only make you look more natural, but it switches the focus from taking pictures, to having an awesome time together doing something you love.



Don't be afraid to dress it up a little. Like going on a romantic date to a nice restaurant. Maybe you will after your shoot! A dress will do wonders for your figure. But if that's not your style that's ok! Clothes with solid colors or small patterns look amazing. Adding a splash of color will really help you guys stand out in the photos. And wear some comfy shoes, you’ll probably do some walking.

Accessories are your friend! They are a great way to add pops of color and texture. These can be hats. jewelry, or even scarves. And don't forget that engagement ring!  


This is about the two of you, that means you too groom! Complementing wardrobes are a must. If your fiancé is wearing a classy cocktail dress, then maybe add a sport jacket or tie to your outfit. Layers are great, especially in the early spring or fall.

A nice button down shirt and khakis are always nice. And adding a tie/ bow tie or jacket make for a versatile outfit. And lastly, don't forget to shave or trim that beard!

At the end of the day, you guys have to be yourself! Because if you’re not comfortable it’ll show.


So you’ve picked out your outfits, and it’s the day of the session! But you’re still nervous! That’s totally alright, everyone is. The important thing is to focus on each other and remember why you’re doing this. When our couples show up to their engagements, we sit and chat. Catch up on wedding planning and what’s going on with our lives. To us it’s so important to have a connection with our couple beyond just being their photographers. So don’t be afraid to hang out for a few minutes before your shoot. Your photographer should take a little time and walk you guys through the session and explain what’s going to happen instead of diving right in.

We often hear in the beginning of our shoot- “How should we stand?” “What do I do with my hands?” “Do we smile?” And of course we’ll give our couples direction, but we always ask, how do you naturally hold his hand? And so on. Because it’s our job to capture you guys in the most natural way possible, but if we’re orchestrating every little thing about you like a mannequin, guess what? That’s not natural and it will show in the photos! And as for smiling? Don’t be afraid to chat it up with one another! I’ll bet before too long you’ll both bust out laughing and have a genuine smile for the photo. Or during one of the more intimate poses, whisper to  your partner something you’re really proud of them for. Shortly after your session begins, you’ll probably forget about the camera and just have a great time being silly with one another :)

Every photographer hopes that you’ll not only love the images, but that you’ve created an awesome memory as well. Your engagement session is the perfect time to get to know your photographer and how they will be working with you on your wedding day, you’ll get more comfortable with having your picture taken and who knows? You may even surprise yourself and absolutely love being in front of the camera - work it!!!!!

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Loren and Mary Beth, husband and wife are the creative team behind Adore Wedding Photography.