What Type of Wedding Planner Do You Need?


words by // Eve Green

The terms wedding planner, wedding designer, and day-of-wedding coordinator are just a few of the titles for wedding professionals who will make your bridal life run smoothly! It’s not uncommon however, for people to get confused about what each of these professionals actually does. We’ve broken it down so you can determine the type of wedding planning professional that would best suit your individual needs.

Full-Service Planner

A wedding planner generally offers full-service planning that may include (but is not limited to) budget planning, handling logistics, vendor referrals, and serving as a liaison with wedding vendors. If your bridal style is to minimize stress at any cost, a full-service wedding planner may be the right fit for you. She would be brought into the process shortly after your engagement before any major decisions have been made. Not only will she guide you with highly experienced ideas and suggestions, a wedding planner will help to manage your budget and while keeping track of every little detail.

Event Designer

It is important to note that a full-service wedding planner is not however, an event designer. A wedding event designer is essentially a stylist who will create a visual design concept for your wedding that includes everything from the invitations and florals to table linens and decor. A designer may work with some of your other vendors, such as the stationer, florist, or venue coordinator, but will be focusing purely on the aesthetic aspects of your wedding, and not logistics.

Day-of Coordinator

A day-of-wedding coordinator typically begins her work about 30 - 60 days prior to the wedding. Her role is essentially to coordinate everything having to do with the actual wedding day. A day-of coordinator will not only plan your wedding day timeline, but she will also coordinate with the vendors, oversee setup, and ensure everything runs smoothly throughout the event from the ceremony to reception.

Some wedding planning professionals do offer more than one type of service, though it might come at an added cost. A full-service wedding planner may offer design services, and many day-of coordinators perform duties that extend far beyond the actual wedding day. No matter the type of planner you are considering hiring for your wedding, always meet with each individual before making a decision. This is easily one of the most important wedding hiring decisions you will make as it will set the tone for your big day. Understanding how these professionals work and what is expected from you will help you decide which style of wedding planner is the right fit.