Why You Should Consider a Universal Wedding Registry


words by // Eve Green

After you announce your engagement, creating your wedding registry is one of the first tasks you will need to complete. It can be difficult to decide the stores you want to register with when there are so many options. If you plan to register for items from more than three stores, you may want to consider a universal registry. A universal registry allows you to register for all your items from as many retailers as you like, on one convenient online registry. Here is Why You Should Consider a Universal Wedding Registry.

All of Your Registry Items Are On One List

The primary reason couples opt for a universal registry is for the convenience of having all their registry choices in one place. This not only simplifies things for the couple, it’s easier on their guests, too! It’s customary for couples to limit their registries to about one to three stores, but who wants to be confined by that? A universal registry takes the focus off stores and offers endless possibilities.

Register for the Best Products

A universal registry allows you to add items from any website so you can choose exactly what you want without having to register with too many stores. Some stores may have the best bedding, but not much else from on your list. Instead of settling for items at a store that aren’t necessarily your top choice, you can pick your preferred items from each store, without worrying about the number of retailers. With a universal registry, your registry can be a conglomeration of stores all while appearing streamlined and simplified. This also allows the couple to provide a wide variety of price points to fit wedding guests’ budgets. 

Keep the Perks

One of the perks of registering at certain stores is the completion discount they offer after your wedding. For example, a store may offer the couple 15-percent off everything that remains on their registry after the wedding. If you are just one or two place settings short, that discount really helps to complete your tableware. That’s a major perk most couples don’t want to miss. Fortunately, many universal registry providers offer the ability to sync your existing registries into one place so that while your registry is streamlined, you retain the store perks!

Once you’ve determined whether to create a universal registry, or register at multiple stores, consider our suggestions for Registry Items You'll Keep Forever.