When to Have Multiple Bridal Showers


words by Eve Green

Traditionally, the bridal shower is a fun pre-wedding gathering when the bride’s close friends and family come together to “shower” the bride with gifts to help set up her new home. Bridal showers usually take place in the weeks and months prior to the big day. While many brides have one, there are times when it's appropriate to have an additional bridal shower. Sometimes it’s just not possible, due to distance, time and schedules, and/or the number of friends and relatives, to include everyone who is important to you at one event. As such, you may be wondering, how many bridal showers are too many?

The bride shouldn’t be too involved in the planning as it’s customary for the maid of honor, bridesmaids, or a close family member to host the bridal shower. However, the bride will need to know who is hosting the bridal shower(s) so she can determine who should be invited to each one. If your friends and family are located in completely different parts of the country, it can make sense to have multiple bridal showers so that your guests do not have to travel far to celebrate you. It’s easier for the bride to travel to all her guests than the other way around. 

Just remember, except for the immediate family and bridal party, to invite a separate group of guests to each shower. Guests should not feel obligated to attend more than one shower. That also applies to your bridal party. Although they should be invited to every shower, they shouldn’t be obligated to attend more than one. If they do choose to attend more than one shower, they shouldn’t be expected to provide an additional gift. It’s also important to keep in mind how many guests you plan to invite to your bridal shower. While it’s nice to bring both sides of the family together to celebrate under one roof, if your bridal shower guest list is extremely long, you may want to consider having a bridal shower for each side of the family. This reduces the financial and planning stress that is put on the host. It’s also important to have this conversation with the host about guest counts early on so you know what the venue limit is. 

And finally, remember that every guest who is invited to a bridal shower should receive an invitation to your wedding. According to The Emily Post Institute, “Normally anyone invited to a shower would be invited to the wedding. One exception: when coworkers wish to throw an office shower for the bride, even though they are not being invited to the wedding.” 

So, how many bridal showers are too many? For most brides, one to two showers will suffice, but some may have three, including a bridal shower thrown by her co-workers.