Add Your Personality to Your Wedding Invitation Suite with Custom Illustrations


words by // Kallie Goetz | Pip and Cricket

Invitations play an important role in your wedding, not only by inviting guests to your big day, but setting the tone for the event. Adding custom watercolor illustrations to your suite will not only add beautiful imagery, but it’s a way to showcase you and your fiancé’s personality and include details about your love story. To top it off, your guests can even frame the custom art as a keepsake. Check out a few of our favorite ways to customize your stationery below!


Wedding Crests

Including a custom wedding crest, or heraldry, in an elegant stationery suite is the perfect way to add your own personal touches while keeping the traditional, classic look of a clean wedding invitation. Crests become the focal point of the invitation card and traditionally include a monogram of your name(s). Depending on your wedding style/theme, this is where your personality can really shine! Adding things like a custom home or venue painting, a pet portrait, illustrations of hobbies you both do together, and floral elements from your wedding will make the crest unique to you. And you can add items that have significant meaning to both you and your fiancé, like favorite foods, song lyrics, occupations, first date memories, etc. Plus, you’ll have your crest to display it for years to come!


Pet Portraits

Are you trying to find a way to include your pet in your big day, but not sure how? Adding a painted portrait of your pet in your wedding suite showcases your fur-baby in a creative, yet elegant way. Scale up the painting of your pet’s adorable face to make it large on the details card, or shrink it down and include your pet as an accent piece in the suite, for example, put them in your wedding crest, make a faux postage stamp with their face, or add them to the compass rose of your custom map – the possibilities are endless. Re-using your pet portrait for day-of signage is a great way to extend your stationery look and feel with the signs at your event, not to mention another keepsake to cherish for years!


Venue Illustrations

If you’re excited about the location you’ll be tying the knot, include it in your stationery! Adding a custom venue illustration can range from the historic church where you’re saying “I do,” to the rustic barn where you’ll be dancing all night long. Not only is it a statement piece, but it’s also functional. Adding this structural element can really help set the tone for your guests as well as give them a visual of where you’re getting married. Venue paintings can be added on any piece of your suite, including an envelope liner. A structure illustration is the perfect way to preserve the location of your big day in your wedding style.


Custom Maps

Whether your wedding events take place in one location, are scattered across town, or are in a far-off destination, include a map of significant places for your guests! Custom watercolor maps are a great way to add necessary venue locations for the day, but could also include places that are significant to you and your fiancé. Include your favorite hangout spot, or your first date location, even add your car driving to your venue! Little accent details really make the map pop, so get creative with showing your guests the must-see places during your wedding weekend!

There are countless ways to add your personality to your wedding suite. Other possibilities include creating custom cocktail signage, illustrating your proposal scenery on save the dates, including your wedding theme on envelope liners, and so much more! Kallie at Pip & Cricket can help put your ideas to paper. Visit her at and start planning your custom illustrations today!


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Kallie is the designer and illustrator at Pip & Cricket. She’s passionate about creating highly detailed, handcrafted pieces that showcase the stories, personality, and affection of couples, that are completely unique.