Everything You Need to Know About Having Your Cake Delivered


words by // Eve Green

You have been dreaming about your wedding cake and waiting to see this confectionary perfection just adds to the excitement of your wedding day. However, a successful wedding cake delivery takes coordination. Any professional pastry chef or baker worth her salt (or should we say sugar) already has carefully crafted procedures to ensure your cake is safely transported to your venue and set up. There are still things you can do to help keep your cake in perfect condition until it’s ready to be cut.

Beware of Transporting it Yourself

Cake bakers and their delivery crew are far more experienced and better equipped to transport your wedding cake than yourself. Their delivery people will have the proper vehicle, crew, skills, and equipment to load and off-load the cake and get it to the right destination. Even if you have family or friends volunteering to do the cake pickup, we recommend leaving it to the professionals. Once the cake leaves your baker’s possession, its fate is literally in your hands. They won’t be responsible for an accident it if it gets dropped or damaged in your possession. If you must pick up the cake yourself, be sure to place it on the flattest part of your vehicle and remove anything nearby that could fall or bump into the cake. Once you have your cake, head straight to the venue so the cake doesn’t get too warm during transport.

Avoid a Meltdown

The concern of melting cake frosting isn’t just during transport. Warm summer temperatures can be disastrous to wedding cakes. If your wedding is outside, the cake will be exposed to the heat and humidity, so plan to have your cake delivered as late as possible, while still leaving enough time for any necessary touch-ups. Outdoor cake tables should be placed under the shade of a canopy or structure to keep the warm rays of the sun off the cake. Light-colored cakes tend to fare better in warm temperatures as opposed to chocolate or other dark, light absorbing colors like black. Precautions should also be taken with indoor weddings, so check with the venue coordinator to see if the air conditioning is set low enough to preserve the cake. Once guests arrive, the temperature in the room will rise naturally with the opening and closing of doors.

Provide the Delivery Person With Important Information

Getting the wedding cake to the venue will depend on more than just safe transportation. A lot of details will need to be communicated to the cake baker or delivery person by you, your venue coordinator, or your wedding coordinator. The delivery person will need to know when the venue will be open for drop off, what time she should arrive, if there is a special entrance for deliveries, and whether there is vital information about the drive to the venue that should she be prepared for (think winding or bumpy roads and detours). Most cakes are usually delivered two hours prior to the event but instructions will vary as to whether the cake is placed in a cooler, or set directly on the designated cake table.

When you’re getting ready on your wedding day, the last thing you want to worry about is how the cake is getting to the venue. Iron out these details in advance and leave it to the professionals to transport and setup your beautiful wedding day confection!