4 Wedding Day Regrets from 4 Real Brides


words by // Eve Green

Looking back on your wedding day, you and your spouse will think about how you felt, how you looked to each other, who celebrated with you . . . and, possibly to a small extent, what you regret. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to not think about some of the things you would have done differently on your big day. Focusing on things you can’t change isn’t necessarily productive, but when it comes to weddings, your insights help other brides to avoid similar regrets on their own wedding day. So, we got real with four brides about their own wedding day regrets.

“I regret not hiring a day-of wedding coordinator.”

We have sung the praises of day-of wedding coordinators time and again, and for good reason - they are wedding day lifesavers. I am about to get personal and reveal my own biggest wedding day regret . . . I didn’t have one. Now don’t get me wrong, my wedding was a dream. In fact, I vividly remember thinking that it was perfect. However, as time has gone by I can’t help but analyze what I might have done differently. Hands down, I needed a wedding coordinator. My husband and I were on our own to plan out the day’s timeline. Given our lack of wedding planning experience, let’s just say events didn’t play out as smoothly as they could have. Also, my Mom was so busy working with wedding vendors throughout the reception, she said it seriously impacted the amount of time spent with friends and family. These are all things a wedding coordinator would have handled.

“I hired an inexperienced photographer to save money.”

When budgeting for your wedding, it’s inevitable you’ll end up splurging on some things, and scrimping on others. It can be difficult to decide the wisest places to save money and where to divert more financial outlay. This bride revealed that in reality, a cut-rate photographer is definitely not a bargain. Experienced photographers come in with a wide range of price points, enabling you to choose the professional whose work and fees most closely align with your style and budget. Your wedding is just not the time to allow your amateur photographer friend a first time whack at wedding photos. Best case scenario, the pictures are ok. Worst case, you have disappointing, or worse, no photographs to commemorate your wedding.

“I regret trying to please everyone except myself.”

If you have a tendency to be a people pleaser, wedding planning may prove to contain more twists and turns for you. The bride we spoke to shared that she regretted trying to please everyone while preparing for her wedding day. The thing about pleasing everyone else is: you can’t. Also, after a while, you may begin to build resentments for doing things entirely to the liking of other people, especially when it’s not what you want. Of course, it’s natural to wish your closest family members and friends will be happy with your plans, but this should be balanced with you and your fiancé’s wants and needs. If people in your life are disproportionately displeased with your plans, it’s probably their own problems that have nothing to do with you.

“I didn’t do a hair and makeup trial run and it was a mistake.”

If there is ever a day when you don’t want to take a chance with your hair and makeup, it’s your wedding day! One bride we spoke to didn’t do a trial run with her hair stylist or makeup artist, and the end product was not at all what the bride had envisioned. You have a handful of examples and inspiration photos of looks you love, what could be simpler? Even if you have discussed your desired bridal look to your team of professionals in great detail, without a trial run it’s difficult for someone else to recreate what’s in your head. During a trial run you’ll be able to candidly discuss what’s working and what’s not, so that when the big day arrives, your team already knows exactly what you want.

If you have wedding day regrets, you’re not alone. Likely there isn’t a single couple who wouldn’t change something about their wedding day. Just remember to focus on what’s most important: the fact that you married the love of your life. And your wedding day, full of both joyous moments and inevitably a couple of snafus, it’s a poetic reminder of the intricate ups and downs to come during married life.