Help Your Vendors Make Your Wedding Day a Success


words by // Eve Green

You will spend a lot of time working with your team of vendors throughout your engagement and right up to your wedding day. There are a few things you can do to help make their job a little bit easier, leaving them to focus on what you hired them for: making your wedding day a total success.

Be Honest About Your Budget

Your wedding vendors will make suggestions based on the budget you have communicated to them. Even if your budget is modest, they will come up with ideas that won’t blow up the bottom line. They work with all kinds of budgets, from high to low. However, if you don’t clearly communicate how much you are willing and able to spend, they may suggest much more elaborate ideas that simply aren’t attainable. Don’t let them waste their time, and yours, by creating concepts that you can’t afford.

Communicate Effectively

Your team of vendors will be tasked with bringing your wedding dreams to life. Your ability to communicate effectively and truthfully with them will help ensure a smooth wedding planning process and ultimately a successful wedding day.  When communicating with your vendors it’s important to provide thoughtful correspondence, keep your expectations realistic, respect their personal time, and in turn, respond to them in a timely manner. Check out our full list of wedding vendor communication tips here.

Have Faith

Here at TWG, we are so passionate about having faith in your wedding vendors that we wrote an entire blog about it! We understand that it can be scary to let go, especially with stakes as big as your wedding day. However, if you have properly vetted your wedding professionals with testimonials, recommendations, and in-person interviews, you should feel secure that you’ve hired the best people to carry out your wedding day wishes. Trust your wedding vendors and give them the freedom to flex their creative muscle and wow you with their skills and abilities. Even though you have looked at every bridal publication and Pinterest board, they will have great ideas for you, too!

Give Them a Break

Your wedding vendors may be superstars, but they aren’t superhuman. Even the most talented of professionals need a break from time to time (you know, to use the bathroom and eat). Your photographer and wedding coordinator may work anywhere from 8-12 hours or more on your wedding day! Although they are high energy professionals and great at multitasking, the last thing you want is for them to succumb to fatigue. Plan to provide your wedding coordinator, photographer, videographer, DJ or band, and any assistants with a meal at the reception. These details should be discussed in advance so there is no confusion as to which professionals will need to take a break and eat.

Finally, don’t forget to express your gratitude to the people who made your wedding day so special with a tip. While giving your wedding vendors a tip isn’t mandatory, it is customary to express thanks for their hard work and dedication. And although those tips will add up, tipping your service providers is not the place where you should economize.