5 Reasons You MUST Hire a Videographer For Your Wedding


words by // Dale Fordham | Fordham Footage

We’re always surprised that many couples choose not to hire a wedding videographer to capture this once in a lifetime day. And we completely understand that videography is an added expense, but we think it’s worth it if at all possible.

Here are 5 reasons why hiring a wedding videographer should be at the top of your list.

1. A video will capture the entire day!  

This is a chance for you as a couple to see all the events that you missed! A wedding is day of joy and laughter, love and emotions, witnessed by family and friends. Your video will allow you to see everything that you missed while your focus was on the ceremony and your roles at the reception, and each other.   It will reveal events that were going on around you as well as your reactions and emotions. Things you were too busy to notice, but sentiments and sensations you will be very glad to have to reflect on and enjoy.

2. Emotions  

There is an emotional resonance with a video that cannot be matched with still photography.  Photographs are always amazing, some of them are truly works of art. Photographs are important! We do not suggest replacing a photographer with a videographer.  The two together make for the most robust experience. You can have both the beautiful imagery for framing or canvas prints, and the emotional engagement of film.

Fred Bernard’s famous quote “A picture is worth 10,000 words” is still accurate today, and can easily be coupled with  director Stanley Kubriks’ quote defining a quality video as: “ a progression of moods and feelings.”

A video is superior at capturing the emotions as they occur, not merely a snapshot in time, but fluidly.  You will witness that first look, your vows, the wedding kiss and the joy that follows during the official introduction at the ceremony and the reception, and all the events of Your Big Day! Your reactions are captured exactly as they occur, and generate emotions forever in a way that still photo cannot.

3. Memories in Motion  

Imagine yourself coming down the aisle. Relive the bridal party procession that you didn’t see when it was taking place. Treasure the vows that you made and the exchanging of rings. Enjoy the celebration at your reception. And, the wedding party entrance. Watch your first dance and other memorable dances. A video provides not only visual content but engages your auditory sense as well.

4. Celebrate with Family and Friends

Everyone will enjoy seeing your video and finding themselves dancing at the reception. Special people who could not attend the day can enjoy being there by watching your video. It is a keepsake not only for you but for your future children.  

5. Anniversary Treasure

You as a couple can enjoy the video for years to come. Celebrate on your anniversary and relive all those special moments all over again. It also provides a cherished memory when grandparents have passed to witness them enjoying the day with you.

I debated long and hard on whether it was really necessary to have a videographer for our wedding.  Looking back, I can't believe I was even debating it. There's so much a video captures that photos just can't. I watch our sneak peek video over and over again and every time it makes cry happy tears! I'm so glad they were able to catch the many emotions we felt and it's the best we'll ever get at reliving that day over again. Please do not hesitate.