4 Questions Your Wedding Guests Will Ask


words by // Eve Green

After you become engaged, almost immediately you will start hearing questions about your wedding. They may range from logistical to downright awkward. We have compiled 4 Questions Your Wedding Guests Will Ask (and how to answer them).

1. Am I invited to your wedding?

Determining who is and isn’t invited is one of the toughest tasks you will face while wedding planning. This situation becomes a lot more difficult when people put you on the spot inquiring about their invitation status. Reasons for not inviting someone vary, but usually come down to venue capacity and budget. If someone who isn’t invited asks you this question, politely state that due to the venue limitations or budget constraints you simply couldn’t invite everyone you wanted to.

2. Can I bring a date or my kids?

If a guest’s invitation doesn’t include the name of his or her partner, or state “and guest,” then it should be assumed bringing a guest isn’t allowed. The same goes for a child-free reception. When the invitation is addressed only to the parents and there is a note about an adult-only reception, the messaging is pretty clear. However, no matter how clearly worded the invitation is, you may still be faced with this uncomfortable question. If you are asked whether a guest can bring a date or kids to the wedding when they aren’t invited, refer to the previously suggested reply about budget constraints and capacity. Just be sure not to make exceptions to the rule if at all possible. Guests are far more likely to understand your guest list limitations if there aren’t many other children or plus ones in attendance.

3. Where are you registered?

If you are following traditional wedding invitation etiquette, guests shouldn’t find any information about your wedding registry on their invitation. Instead, provide a link to your wedding website on either your save the dates, wedding invitations, or both. Here guests will be able to see where you are registered in a more discreet way. If you are having a small wedding with few guests you could rely on good ol’ fashioned word of mouth to let guests know where you are registered . . . but who has the time for that? As always, registry information is perfectly appropriate to include on bridal shower invitations.

4. What is the dress code?

While many couples today forgo mention of a dress code on their wedding invitations, it’s inevitable that some guests will wonder what they should wear. Many will be able to pick up on whether the wedding will be casual, semi-formal, or formal from the style of the invitations. If you want to avoid the questions altogether consider including this information either on your invitation or on your wedding website so nothing is left up to interpretation.

As for wording to politely get your point across, don’t forget to consult your wedding stationery vendor for assistance. Since answering a constant stream of questions from your wedding guests may become a little exhausting, especially when you’re busy wedding planning. Cut down on the questions by providing clear communication through your wedding website and invitations.