How to Incorporate Handwritten Calligraphy into your Wedding


Handwritten calligraphy has existed for ages, and to be honest, it will never fade away. The component of beautiful handwriting adds elegance, personalization, and significance to any event, including your wedding. Thoughtfulness in the smallest details will leave guests talking about the wedding for years! Here are a few ways to add calligraphy to your wedding:


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Invitation Suite // Uppercase Designs


When invitations are sent to guests through the mail, the first thing they see are their names on the front of the envelope, personally handwritten with beautiful ink. Imagine their excitement! Every part of the invitation (including the addressed envelope) sets the tone of the wedding because it is one of the first elements that helps preview the wedding. Handwritten addresses bring a thoughtful detail to this honorary invitation.


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Escort cards include the guests’ names and table numbers are available as soon as you walk into the reception space. Place cards only have the guests’ names and designate the exact seat a guest will sit in once they get to their table. Both types of cards are often paired with a wedding favor. Adding handwritten calligraphy to an escort and/or place card can make each guest feel individualized and special. 


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An alternative to escort cards is a seating chart which also includes guests’ names and assigned table numbers. Incorporating handwritten calligraphy can make your seating chart a beautiful statement piece as soon as guests walk through the reception venue doors.


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From chalkboard easels to wood welcome signs, consistent calligraphy on all of your signage throughout the ceremony and reception will help maintain the tone of the wedding.


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Menus created to list the evening’s food & bar selections allow guests to see what is in store for their appetite. Add calligraphy and illustrations to make the menus eye-catching and keep guests excited to try all of the options available! 

Consistency in the details is key in managing a successful wedding theme, and handwritten calligraphy elements can help maintain a tone throughout your special day. Personalization is meaningful to people, and guests will truly appreciate the thoughtfulness in even the smallest of wedding details. Give your guests a day to remember!