Forgo the Traditional Guest Book for One of These Ideas

words by // Eve Green
sign by // Our Love Was Born

A guest book is not only a cherished keepsake, but a wonderful way to memorialize beloved friends and family who were in attendance at your wedding. Couples wishing for fresh and unique takes on the traditional guest book are in luck as there are countless alternatives. Consider our recommendations and Forgo the Traditional Guest Book for One of These Ideas.

Polaroid Selfies

We love the idea of replacing the guest book with a Polaroid photo booth. Guests take a selfie and capture a snapshot of their special look on your wedding day. So guests can personalize the photos even more, provide an assortment of permanent ink pens for jotting down notes and well wishes on their Polaroid. 

Quilt Squares

Cozy up with fond memories of your wedding day with a quilt made of squares lovingly inscribed by your wedding guests. Layout square pieces of fabric that embrace your wedding scheme, or choose patterns and colors that will coordinate with your nest. Have plenty of textile markers on hand for your guests to use for signing as they enter your reception. This totally crafty “guest book” will become a cherished keepsake once the squares are pieced together into a quilt. 

Framed Guest Book

Make your guest book into wall art with a framed photo of you and your partner, perhaps your favorite engagement photo, signed by your guests. Surround the enlarged print with a wide mat where guests place their signatures. Once your wedding day is over this special memento may be hung in your home as part of your decor. 

Question Cards

In lieu of a traditional guest book, try this entertaining alternative that makes a game out of asking your guests for advice. They will have fun answering questions such as: “Where is the most romantic place to vacation?” and “What is your funniest memory of us?” Not only do question cards supply the newlyweds with lots of great marital tips, advice, and fond memories, they serve as excellent conversation starters for guests!

Puzzle Piece Guest Book

One of our favorite unique takes on a guest book is having each guest sign the back of a puzzle piece. After life has settled down a bit post-wedding, plan a special time to put the puzzle together. When completed, frame it or keep it loose in a pretty box and make a tradition of putting your puzzle together on your anniversary. 

There are endless alternatives to capturing your guests’ signatures that allow you and your partner’s personalities to shine. Opt for a memento that provides an opportunity to show off your crafty side, or art you can display in your home after the festivities are over. You’ll enjoy seeing the words of your loved ones transformed into a one of a kind keepsake.