Beauty Treatments to Get Before the Big Day and Which to Avoid


words by // Eve Green

As you begin prepping for your big day, it’s time to up your self-care game and get ready to be pampered! Some beauty treatments are simple, straightforward, and can be done within days of your wedding, while others should take place weeks (or even months) in advance of the big day. And it may be advisable to avoid certain treatments altogether. Before you make a major investment in all those beauty treatments you’ve wanted to try over the years, consider Beauty Treatments to Get Before the Big Day and Those to Avoid.

Beauty Treatments to Get

Hair Trim and Subtle Color

Now is not the time for a drastic hair change (more on that later) but a few weeks before your wedding is an ideal time to get a fresh trim and subtle hair color touch up. Stick with your current stylist if possible, as this isn’t the best time to try someone new.

Massage and Facial

A busy bride-to-be needs to unwind before the big day! Schedule a massage and facial to relax, just be sure to book a gentle facial without any harsh treatments at least one week before your wedding just in case your skin has a reaction or breaks out.


Whether you get your brows waxed, plucked, threaded, or shaped, two weeks before your wedding is the time to freshen up eyebrows to avoid any redness or ingrowns on your wedding day.

Manicure and Pedicure

A few days before your wedding is time to get a manicure and pedicure. We recommend gel polish as it’s less likely to chip and it may last all the way through your honeymoon! Take time in advance to select the right color to complement your bridal look. 

Avoid Altogether

Intense Skin Treatments

Intense treatments beyond your average facial are not the type of skin treatments you want to get a couple of weeks before your big day. Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser treatments, and botox are just a few of the more intensive skin treatments that should be done at least one or more months in advance of your wedding.

Drastic Haircut or Color Change

It’s common for brides to refresh their existing hair color with highlights or color, but completely altering your hair color or cut can be a risk if done shortly before the big day. If you are really set on changing things up, minimize the risk by consulting with a highly recommended hairstylist months before your wedding day. Depending on how drastic you want to go, it may take multiple appointments to get the perfect color without damaging your hair. 

Spray Tan Booth

For brides who want to practice safe sun, spray tans are a wonderful way to get that glow without risking the health of your skin. However, there is a major difference between spray tans from a booth and a professional spray tan artist. While you may come out of a booth with a decent tan, you are far more likely to receive an even, natural tan from a professional and personalized tan. And be sure to do a test run a few weeks before your wedding, in time for your bachelorette party or bridal shower may be a good time for a tryout. 

Glowing beauty comes from within, so during the final days before your wedding, focus on getting plenty of sleep, staying hydrated, and not drinking too much at the rehearsal dinner to ensure your eyes sparkle and your skin is clear.