Real Wedding

Eryanne + Keegan McKenna Wedding | September 24, 2016

How They Met

Eryanne // My sophomore year of college, I spent the spring semester abroad in Italy. However, the weekend before I left I came up to Bowling Green to see my friends one last time. I went to a party that Friday and as soon as I walked into my friend's house, I saw Keegan sitting on a couch and knew I needed to know him. As Keegan would tell it, I stalked him all night and forced my affection on him, but he was into it! We clicked immediately. We spent the rest of that weekend together, and I cried on Sunday when I headed back to Youngstown, knowing it would be months before we saw each other again. We texted 24/7 until I got on my plane to leave the following Wednesday. Keegan actually convinced his parents to let him upgrade to an iPhone so that we could talk through iMessage while I was away. Although we intended to just reconnect when I returned in May, we made it 'official' two weeks into my time abroad. Then, despite his protests and warnings from friends that I was out of my mind, I bought him a plane ticket and flew him to Italy for a week. It was the best week of my life, and confirmed what I already knew - that I was going to spend my life with this man.

Their Wedding

Photographer Colleen Schmidt // The bride and groom wanted a vintage and rustic wedding feel and they definitely achieved that!  The ceremony and reception were held at the Oliver House. The ceremony was on the front lawn right outside the brewery and the reception was held at the Warehouse right next door! It was nice for them to have everything right there in one location. The bride got ready in one of the other banquet rooms located at the restaurant so she never had to leave! The building is so charming, there were so many beautiful photo locations. The Warehouse was great with the vintage car inside and all of the old memorabilia. Ella Flora did an amazing job at adding other vintage touches with all their decor. The deep red tones were absolutely perfect for a fall wedding. Each of the bridesmaid got to pick their own dresses to match their personality and with Eryanne's approval on the color, lead to a gorgeous and unique bridal party. 

Photos were taken in between the ceremony and reception down the street (so close the whole bridal party walked) at the new metropark Middlegrounds. It is AMAZING! There is an excellent view of the bridge and so many other spots to get some urban backdrops and nature backdrops all in one place. Definitely recommend for the modern bride who wants to be able to have both options for wedding backdrops. 

The couple made their own photobooth with a polaroid camera and a homemade backdrop! 

Something unique that I have never seen done before was they had a "black and tan" section of the ceremony. Instead of having a unity candle or a sand ceremony they each poured a beer (one a stout and the other an ale) into a glass making a black and tan to symbolize their unity. With everything being at a brewery it was a clever and unique way to do that part of the ceremony! Loved it! 

Wedding Professionals

Ceremony + Reception Venue // Oliver House Complex

Photographer // Colleen Schmidt Photography

Second Shooter // Angela Gerber Photography

Wedding Coordinator • Florist • Decor // Ella Flora

DJ // A Class Act by Bob Norris

Cake // So Many Somethings // Abby Crosby

Dress // David's Bridal

Menswear // Men's Wearhouse

Hair // The Gallery Salon & Spa

Makeup // Lainne Davis