Real Wedding

Sarah + Jenna Wedding | September 22nd

How They Met

The Couple // We met on Memorial Day 2015 at a mutual friends house who was having a cookout. Little did we know, coincidentally, nobody else showed up for the cookout.. you think this was a setup? 

We went about our daily lives and a month later, set up a coffee date. Magically, I got the 24-hour flu and had to cancel the coffee date. (Sidenote: the week of our wedding we had our first coffee date!) I told Sarah I would make it up to her and set up the first official date and boy did I fail miserably. On the way out of failing to make an appointment, I found a penny heads up, handed it to Sarah and said, "Always keep this with you, I'll be your good luck charm." (insert awww) Pennies quickly became our thing. 

In-between actual successful dates and multiple cities traveled, we fast forward to October 2016. Sarah was heading to Ohio University to meet up with her college friends for a girls weekend. Little did Sarah know, I had something special planned. We arrived in Athens early and so I asked Sarah if she wanted to walk around till her friends got there. On our walk around the pond, I pretended to pick up a penny and said, “Look at the date on this penny!” but the penny said, “Marry Me?” The staged photographer captured it all and her friends (who were there the whole time) popped out behind trees! 

Two weeks later we went to MacQueen's Apple Orchard to get their mouthwatering blueberry donuts and pick apples. As I was on the ladder picking apples Sarah disappeared. I yelled for her and she stated, "Hold on, I found a good one I'm trying to grab it!" Sarah comes around with a perfectly shaped bright red apple with my ring on the stem and written on the apple was “I Pick U!”

We officially announced our engagement two days after and received an overwhelming amount of support from family and friends. We finally felt as if we could be ourselves and share our happiness with others. The date we picked was 9-22-18 because Sarah’s favorite number is 9 and mine is 22.

Their Wedding

The Couple // The vision of our day was to be different than most weddings and to show who we are and what we love to do. We didn’t want to have a normal ceremony or reception hall so we chose a rare and unique place in Toledo (Toledo Train Station) for people to join us in celebrating our big day. 

We spent our morning getting ready inside of the Renaissance's presidential suite (separate) with our wedding party, family, and friends. Our hairdresser was Alexis Didion at Èlan Studios, make-up was done by Jessica Uhler, our dresses were both from Atlas Bridal, flowers were done by Sharry Folmer, our uplighting and drapes came from Pearls Decor (who did an amazing job and was so wonderful to work with) and our linens were from Merediths. 

Once we were all dolled up, we set out to take pictures with our photography/videographer, Serendipity. We had a blast taking pictures and filming with Gerri, Courtney, and Tim. They made us laugh and they all were able to relax both of us during the anxious moments leading up to our ceremony. Following our ceremony, we danced our way into the reception courtesy of Eric Simon with Sihasi Sound. Due to our love for traveling and exploring new places our reception had an abundance of vintage travel themed decor such as old cameras, maps, lanterns, suitcases, etc. 

Sarah’s mom did the majority of the decorating and wanted to add a touch of her own by creating S and J’s general store, where you could find old vintage candy (B B Bats, Bit-o-Honey, flavored candy sticks, Boston Baked Beans, Buckeyes, Swedish fish). Sarah and I couldn’t imagine a better day spent celebrating such a special moment in our lives. The amount of love and support we received was overwhelming which made all the lengthy planning and stress well worth it. We couldn’t have been happier with how our day turned out.

Wedding Professionals

Ceremony + Reception Venue // Toledo Train Station

Officiant // Duane Isabell | Friend

Photographer // Serendipity Photography

Photobooth // Awesome Booth

Videographer // Serendipity Photography

Jeweler // C. Sterling Jewelers

Florals // Sharry Folmer

DJ // Sihasi Sound

Bridal Attire // Atlas Bridal
Bridesmaids // Saved by the Dress

Menswear // Express

Invitations + Stationery // Karrie Brock

Cake + Desserts // MacQueen’s Orchard + Mama C’s Donuts

Hair // Élan Studios

Make-Up // Jessica Uhler

Decor + Lighting // Pearls Decor

Rentals // Meredith Party Rentals 

Hotel Accommodations // Renaissance Toledo Downtown Hotel

Rehearsal Dinner // The Spaghetti Warehouse